The Hot New ‘Old Spice Guy’ Makes A Splash

Isaiah Mustafa aka The New Old Spice Guy  (Old Spice)

Isaiah Mustafa aka The New Old Spice Guy (Old Spice)

What Do Women Want? The answer to the age old question has eluded men for years, but Old Spice has cracked the code: a manmercial featuring a bare-chested hunk in a shower, on a boat, on a horse, and holding two tickets to that thing you like that are magically transformed into a lava flow of diamonds.

The hot new ‘Old Spice’ ad stars nubile, towel-clad actor Isaiah Mustafa, making intense eye contact into the camera while cheesily cooing, “Hello, ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to your man. Now back to me!”

First launched on YouTube on February 4, it caused a viral sensation. The spot created more buzz after premiering the day after the Super Bowl and by the time it aired in theaters just in time for couples taking in the film “Valentines Day,” its popularity had skyrocket. And after continuous airplay during the Winter Olympics, the buzz has reached a fever pitch, officially solidifying Mustafa’s status as Pop Culture’s new ‘It Guy.’

Watch the Hilarious Spots Featuring ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ Below:

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“The day after the Super Bowl it got crazy,” Mustafa admitted, “I would check the number of views on YouTube and it was like 100,000 more views every couple of hours.”

Despite the overwhelming success of the ads, the on-the-rise actor remains level headed with both feet firmly planted on the ground. “I was raised in a house of women. I’ll get back-handed if I even attempt to get big-headed,” he recently Tweeted.

“He’s gorgeous, has style and a sense-of-humor and that’s what makes the commercial work,” said Tech guru Leo LaPorte. “It tickles the hell out of me. ‘I’m on a horse’ is the best punch line in advertising history.”

But who is this mystery man on a horse that’s been hypnotizing male and female viewers alike for several weeks?

For starters, he studied history at Arizona State and in his twenties opened a barbeque joint in Ventura, California that his mother still operates.

The Old Spice role is proving to be the breakout role for the eye candy actor who has been a baliff on “Ugly Betty”, a cop on “Days Of Our Lives” and Moses in the USA network comedy short “Last Supper.” Next up is a small role as Team Leader in the ABC Series “Castle.” Meanwhile an underground movement is gaining steam as it rallies to get him on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

If you single ladies are wondering if he’s available, sorry. The 6 foot 3 inch, 36-year-old former Seattle Seahawks wide-receiver is taken. He was quick to point out that his better half is a fantastic and funny dancer—“professional not pole.”

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