McDreamy’s Sis Brings McAttitude to ‘Private Practice’

Caterina Scorsone as 'Alice' (Syfy)

Caterina Scorsone as 'Alice' (Syfy)

Prepare to meet one of Dr. Derek Shepherd’s sisters… by way of ‘Private Practice.’

Caterina Scorsone (aka Syfy’s ‘Alice’) has been cast in the recurring role of Amelia Shepherd, it was first reported by The younger McSibling, however, will not make her debut on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but in a late March/early April episode of the ABC drama’s spin-off.

Why is that, you ask? Well, a source tells Fancast that Amelia – a surgeon herself – is purposely flying under her venerable brother’s radar when she brings to Oceanside Wellness a somewhat volatile medical case. So bold is Amelia’s professional endeavor that Addison is tempted to tattle to Derek, only to have her onetime sister-in-law remind that she is no longer some “wild teenager” but now a peer deserving of respect.

In addition to headlining Syfy’s recent reimagining of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ Scorsone is familiar to TV fans from her runs on ‘1-800-MISSING’ and CTV’s ‘Power Play.’

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