Pregnant ‘Price Is Right’ Model Brandi Cochran Sues for Being Fired

'Price Is Right' Host Drew Carey (CBS)

'Price Is Right' Host Drew Carey (CBS)

The long-running TV game show ‘Price is Right‘ loves filling its stage with beautiful women, but it looks like those women are only worth employing if they can avoid from getting pregnant, or so claims a disgruntled former model.

Brandi Cochran had been working on the show since 2002 and was fired last week just as her maternity leave was ending, reports TheWrap. In a lawsuit, Cochran claims producers “discriminated against, harassed, and retaliated against” her after she gained weight from being pregnant.

“Wide load coming through” is one comment Cochran claims was launched her way by a producer after her pregnancy started showing, according to

On a more startling note, the model also claims she was so afraid to tell her employer about another pregnancy in 2007 that the stress caused her to miscarry.

Just as Drew Carey gets ready to celebrate his 500th episode hosting the show, talk of a lawsuit aimed at the ‘Price is Right’ reminds of the controversy surrounding former host Bob Barker toward the end of his reign when model Dian Parkinson sued, claiming Barker sexually harassed her for nearly a decade.

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