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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

I read that not only is this the last season of ‘NUMB3RS,’ but that it’s been cut short. Will we still get our Charlie/Amita wedding? – Courtney
I hope you RSVP’d because we are definitely heading for a wedding in the March 12 season finale. Series star Rob Morrow tells me it will be a small-scale affair held at the university, and that Peter MacNicol’s Larry will officiate. “David [Krumholtz] and Navi [Rawat] are really sweet together,” Morrow notes, “so there’s a real warmth to the ceremony.” As for this being the CBS drama’s final run, watch for my complete Q&A with Morrow on Friday.

What is going to happen to Renee on ‘24‘? Is she going to be happy with Jack? – Debra
Say what you will about all the season-opening Sturm und Drang, but it has pushed those two crazy kids closer together. The jury is going to remain out on their ultimate fate as Jack and Renee progress on slightly different paths over the next few weeks. But closer to season’s end, they’ll enjoy a bit more “quality time” together.

Is Jason Wiles really going to be on the ‘Criminal Minds‘ spin-off? – cautionwriter via Twitter
Yes… and no. The ‘Third Watch’ alum does have a critical role in the April 7th ‘Criminal Minds’ episode that introduces Forest Whitaker’s rogue squad of BAU agents and paves the way for the spin-off, playing a husband and father targeted by a serial killer who forces his victims to fight each other for survival. But Wiles would not be a part of the new series’ cast “should” it move forward. (Look at me pretend as if a spin-off of a top-rated CBS procedural, and one starring an Oscar winner, isn’t a lock.)

We already know that Samantha Smith will return as Mary Winchester in ‘Supernatural‘s 100th episode. Can you tell us more about the other characters they are bringing back? – Leticia
Actually, Smith is returning not for the milestone outing, but for the episode airing two weeks prior, on April 1 (no joke). No. 100 will offer longtime fans a couple blasts from the past, but it’d spoil all the fun if I ID’d them for you. Just pay close attention come April 15.

Got any info on the season premiere of ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent‘ – especially scoop on Goren and Eames? – Lisa
When the USA Network drama (finally!) returns on Tuesday, March 30, with the first half of a two-part premiere, Goren and Eames will get caught up in a case that becomes very personal to them and ultimately changes their lives forever – which kinda makes sense, since when all is said and done, Jeff Goldblum’s Det. Nichols will be among the last lawmen standing.

Good riddance, Olympics, and welcome back, ‘Chuck‘! Got scoop? – Dave
If you liked last night’s return, you will love next week’s episode, “Chuck Versus The Beard.” It is, in my opinion, one of the show’s very best episodes ever, rewarding in multiple ways and on several levels. Laughs, romance, intrigue, mythology, action…. Damn, it’s a great hour.

Do you have any scoop on Leslie Hope’s return to ‘The Mentalist‘? Will she hook up with Jane? – madejlaf via Twitter
I know others have teased a possible romance ‘tween Jane and psychic Kristina, but at least one source tells me that’s most likely not where this story is heading. Instead, when Hope resurfaces in the season’s final two episodes (airing May 13 and 20), expect Kristina to command Jane’s attention in other ways.

What’s the buzz on ‘90210‘s return? – SDion
I’ve seen the next few episodes kicking off March 9, and it’s BAU for the West Bev crowd. Dixon and Silver are stymied by miscommunication, Naomi pulls a Claire Dunphy (think trenchcoat) but with slightly less disastrous results, Rumer Willis’ character is on the receiving end of an unexpected kiss, and poor Annie is mired in a sorrowful dilemma. Meanwhile, I can see why Jennie Garth is on her way out – a Lonely Heart Kelly Taylor is frankly hard to swallow.

Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Teddy going to interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina anytime soon? – Maya
I can happily report that yes, you will see Snow White Dr. Altman interact with some of the other “cliques” within the Seattle Grace staff – provided she doesn’t go off on one of those unsettling tangents about deer.

Spill on the ‘Modern Family‘ script that made you “a bit weepy, but in a happy way.” – Ryan
The one I mentioned on Twitter? That episode will air shortly after the Dunphys’ trip to Hawaii, and the scene in question comes at the very end and concerns a photograph.

I’m really looking forward to seeing ‘Justified.’ How is it? Worth the watch? – PattiD41 via Twitter
Very worth the watch, yes. This new FX drama (premiering March 16) stars ‘Deadwood’s Timothy Olyphant as a modern-day lawman with an Old West swagger, complete with signature Stetson. The look and tone of the series is very transportive and really gives you a flavor for the scrappy Kentucky burg where he is assigned to keep the peace while oftentimes unholstering his own piece. Don’t miss it.

Any idea on how the Alicia/Cary rivalry will come to an end on ‘The Good Wife‘? Is Matt Czuchry staying or not? – Karen
My usually helpful ‘Good Wife’ mole is wickedly mum on this one, though he does promise the way it plays out “is very good stuff.” Meanwhile, how much do we love this teaser for the March 16 episode?: “Alicia finally gives Peter a proper welcome home.” Is it me or does “proper” suggest improper?

Aziz Ansari slays me on ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Is anything good coming up for Tom? – Lucy
Aziz recently told me, “I think it’d be cool for Tom to have a recurring new girlfriend, now that’s he’s single” – and indeed he shall. In an upcoming episode,  Tom will stumble across a new romantic interest in the most unlikely of places. [Pause] OK, fine, it’s a somewhat likely place – a strip club.

Got any scoop on ‘Bones‘? – Debbie
One of this season’s final episodes involves a witch named Willow. I know Boreanaz has certain “issues” with his Angel-ic past, but let’s pray for at least one inside joke.

Have you heard anything about the return of ‘Flashpoint‘ to CBS? I know it was slated for possible return in the summer, but I was hoping maybe for an earlier arrival. – Jan
The good news is that the show is currently in production on its new 13-episode order. A premiere date, however, is still TBD, so it’s still looking like summer.

Will ‘Vampire Diaries‘ ever show how “Uncle” Zach was related to Damon and Stefan? – Johanna
I get asked this a lot, but from everything I’m hearing, it’s kind of a moot issue and likely won’t ever be explored. The consensus from those I talk to is that he was their “uncle” in name only – if only to keep the locals from getting too curious – yet likely had some “second cousin”-type blood relation.

Any hints of ‘Castle‘ and Beckett getting romantically closer this season? – Debra
I goofed on this answer last week, so here is Take 2: It’s safe to say they’ll get a wink-wink, nudge-nudge in the right direction in the March 8 episode. As you may have gleaned from the promo, that case will find the crime solvers slipping into New York’s underground world of sexual domination, serving up plenty of juicy fodder for their already charged relationship.

The Marriage Ref‘ is the most cringe-worthy thing I have ever seen. Did the celebrity panelists know what they were letting themselves in for?! It felt so awkward and contrived. – Claire
That après-Olympics preview was a special kind of pain, but let’s hope its caliber of laughs fluctuates depending on the panel. For example, I could see Tina Fey upping the show’s game. And frankly I am curious to see just how British Madonna talks when seated alongside Ricky Gervais. [Cue Seinfeld doing his hand-clap silent laugh, then “doubling over” from the hilarity of my quip.]

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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