Deep Soap: Making The Big Leagues

Julianne Moore (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Julianne Moore (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Julianne Moore Really Is Returning To As The World Turns

It’s official.  Julianne Moore is reprising her Daytime Emmy award winning role of Frannie Hughes in an upcoming episode of ‘As The World Turns.’  Moore’s nostalgic decision to revisit the show that launched her career is the antithesis of James Franco’s “performance art” stint on ‘General Hospital.’ But if he paved the way for more movie stars to make brief returns to daytime, more power to him.  Josh Duhamel, it is now safe for you to drop by ‘All My Children’ like you mused about in a recent interview.  As anyone who watched her consistently excellent work as both Frannie and her surprisingly identical half-sister Sabrina knows, Moore approached soap acting with the same seriousness as she does all her other roles.   Her work on ATWT must have been great preparation for starring in the melodramatic ‘Far From Heaven.’  I only wish that her return were not motivated by the show’s impending cancellation.

Dancing With The Soap Stars

Aiden Turner has a great agent.  He is what was probably the most surprising inclusion in the newest cast of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’  The sexy Englishman was one of the biggest casualties of  Chuck Pratt’s writing, when his previously heroic character, Aidan, suddenly became crazy and evil prior to being written off of ‘All My Children.’ This is a great consolation prize. All of the prior daytime contestants have been part of ABC daytime’s A-list:  Susan Lucci, Cameron Mathison, and Kelly Monaco. Turner is far less known.  I would have expected the network to pick a current star they think would inspire viewers to check out their daytime line up, like Dominic Zaprogna (Dante, ‘General Hospital’) or Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, ‘All My Children’).   Perhaps he will turn out to have Gilles Marini level dance skills, though I imagine figure skater Evan Lysacek is going to be tough to beat.  Certainly, this represents the biggest exposure that Turner ever has had . He is definitely the designated hot guy this season — sorry cardboard Jake Pavelka. I hope that he is able to make the most of this opportunity and parlay his newfound fame into another soap role or a primetime gig.

I Hope They Sell Jackie M’s Leather Pants Too

‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ has signed a deal to, “to develop and license THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and “Forrester Creations” fashion lifestyle merchandise, to include home, apparel and beauty products.”  The show is far more popular internationally than it is in the U.S., so an actual line of Forrester Creations clothes could do really well. I think it would be great if B&B’s Emmy Award winning costume designer Birgit Muller were given the opportunity to design a real mass-market clothing line, similar to the affordable clothes that big time designers create for Target and H&M.   My fantasy is that some clever textile chemist comes up with a way to make BeLieF — Brooke’s miracle wrinkle free linen — for real.  Millions of people who have never watched B&B but hate ironing would buy that.  I am excited that in an era of declining ratings and license fees the show has found another way to make a profit.

Natalie Hall (ABC)

Natalie Hall (ABC)

For All My Children’s  Natalie Hall (Colby), The Third Time Is The Charm

I interviewed bubbly Natalie Hall, the third actress to take on the role of All My Children’s teen heiress Colby Chandler at the show’s press tour.

What’s it like taking over a role that has been played by numerous other actresses?

It’s hard stepping into a developed character. I came into it like, “I’m going to make it my own.”   When I found out I got the part, I went back and I watched tape of Liza as a teenager and I realized the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  I think that’s what they were wanting with this character.  They were wanting a person who is sweet, who is kind, and who will fight for what she wants.  Not a weak character because her parents are not weak people.  I feel very humbled and blessed to come into such an amazing group.  Colby’s a very complex girl.

How do you feel about your TV Dad David Canary’s (Adam) departure?

I kind of knew back in New York that was happening and I can’t tell you how sad I was.  He’s an amazing, amazing man and he’s kind.  He was so supportive.  He’s had three Colbys and one of the first times we did a scene together he stopped in the middle of the scene and was like, “You’re very good.  You’re not leaving, are you?”  We have a really good dynamic and we get along really well.  His daughter’s my age so we talk about that a lot.  I look up to him.

What’s Colby going to be up to this spring?

Lately, Colby has been pretty manipulative.  She plots with people.  I think we’re going to see a sweeter side, which is fun to play because I’m not really that evil and that mean.  People will see sides of Colby that they’ll relate to.  They’ll start feeling for her.  She’ll connect with Damon more because they have a lot in common.

What do you think of the new studio?

It’s beautiful and big.  The place in New York was a lot smaller.  My dressing room is great.  Being in L.A. is great.  I know that everyone here is loving L.A.  I had worked out here before, performing at the Ahmanson and the Pantages theater, but never fully moved my life here.

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