G4’s ‘Web Soup’ Host Previews Season Two

Chris Hardwick (G4)

Chris Hardwick (G4)

Chris Harwick promises many surprises for Wednesday night’s season premiere of G4’s clip show ‘Web Soup.’

Some of the unconventional items teased by the host include a floating “up-top hand” which will periodically pop into frame (and he swears will get its own storyline), the return of a favorite segment titled “Pussy Stampede” (it’s about cats doing tricks), and a whole lot of “vagazzling.” (You can look it up here.)

“I don’t want to build it up too much, but it’s only going to be the greatest television show that was ever made,” Harwick deadpanned during an interview Tuesday.

‘Web Soup,’ a viral-video based companion show to E!’s Joel McHale-hosted clip show ‘The Soup,’ is now entering its second season helmed by funnyman Hardwick.

The comedian says that much of ‘Web Soup’s’ success can be attributed to his friend McHale and appearances on ‘The Soup.’ “I kind of thought people would be bitter about our show, [and] they’d be like ‘screw you other guy!’ but in general ‘The Soup’ audience is pretty affable and cool,” he confessed.

In addition to”lots of celebrity cameos,” and a broadening of the scope of the series to include all kinds of web videos – not just user generated – Hardwick  joked he’s saving one very special item for Wednesday night’s premiere: “I’ll take my shirt off and rub oil on my body,” he said, pausing. “Not so much because people want it, though.”

‘Web Soup’ kicks off its new season Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on G4.

Watch a clip from the show below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Web-Soup/105362/1410220897/Web-Soup%3A-WTF-/embed 580 476]
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