‘Lost’ Recap: Sundown, The Heart of Darkness

Sayid Goes Dark (ABC)

Sayid Goes Dark (ABC)

Hell hath no fury like a Smoke Monster scorned!

With the island’s new master manipulator running the show, Not-Locke sets his sights on the tortured soul of Sayid Jarrah, who has officially gone over to The Dark Side in this fantastic episode–that haunting final scene alone–of ‘Lost,’ which gave us the Temple of Doom Showdown we’ve been waiting for.

The Man in Black put the finishing touches on ‘recruiting’ his Army, as the Temple Jacuzzi tides have turned and Un-Locked a new set of followers, embarking on what looks like a Death March off the island. Or as they call it, ‘The Way Home.’

And his new right-hand man is none other than the recently resurrected former Iraqi Army torturer, who finally came to a conclusion on the question he’d long been struggling with: ‘What kind of man are you?’ (A Hit Man. Duh!) The darkness growing inside of Sayid staked its claim on his heart, just as Dogen warned us.

Naveen Andrews hit his stride once again, perfectly playing sad-eyes Sayid, sacrificing love in the Alt-Verse and clinging painfully to his declaration that he is “a good man.” Conversely, on the island, a badass, swaggering Sayid made a deal with the devil. Turns out the Temple Master had made a similar deal to save his own son, and that’s what landed him on the island. And so did murdering Michael, remember, in order to save Waaaalt!

‘What if I told you you could have anything you wanted, anything in the entire world?’ That’s an offer Ninja Sayid just couldn’t refuse, as he would give anything to have Nadia back in his arms, his beloved who was hit by a car when Jacob paid Sayid a little visit. Yeah, not really a surprise that he’s aligned with Team Not-Locke. Especially once he discovered Smokey is impervious to daggars to the chest.

The short story: Jacob is dead, the Man in Black is busting loose and you are all free to go. You don’t have to stay. If you want to go with him…do so. Other options: You die. You have until sundown to decide. Remember, “This place is death!”

The Last Samurai Faces Off with an Iraqi Ninja! (ABC)

The Last Samurai Faces Off with an Iraqi Ninja! (ABC)

After unsuccessfully not killing the already dead Sayid (for two hours at least, Miles reminds him), the Temple Master goes for Plan B and gives Ninja Sayid the 411 on the Man in Black. “The island is under the influence of an angry man. For years he was trapped. Now Jacob is dead and he is free.” Who is he? “He is evil incarnate.” Allegedly.

Here’s what else the Temple Master tells us about Smokey: He appears as someone you know who has died; you have to stab him in the heart with a special knife buried in potting soil–and you must do this before he speaks to you; and he can not kill a ‘candidate.’ So that’s why Not-Locke, forced to stand outside the black circle of ash protecting the Temple, has Claire and Sayid do his dirty deeds.

That leads to one ass-kicking contest between the hit man and the Last Samurai in the Temple, that ends with the Temple Master floating face down in the Temple Jacuzzi (will he magically get back up in two hours?). Back to his old hit-man ways, Sayid also slashes Lennon’s throat while he’s at it. And with the Temple Master toast, it’s on! Puff Daddy can then cross the line and open a can of whoop ass on the Temple, and The Others, Miles and Kate, and the out-of-nowhere Ajira crew of Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben.

*Interesting isn’t it, that Not-Locke is known as ‘the Man in Black.’ That’s, of course, the nickname of the legendary Johnny Cash; Cash’s music “echoed themes of sorrow, moral tribulation and redemption.” Note that Sayid appeared in the aftermath of the Temple Massacre, dressed all in black, surrounded by a “Ring of Fire” (one of Cash’s most famous songs). Just sayin’. Australia (where Oceanic Flight 815 originated) and Guam (where Ajira Flight 316 returned the Oceanic 6 to the island), and reasonably, Mystery Island, are along the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of Fire.’

Sayid, a Man in Black, Walking the Line, Through a Ring of Fire (ABC)

Sayid, a Man in Black, Walking the Line, Through a Ring of Fire (ABC)

Worship at the Altar of Lost
~When Jacob visited the Losties, his touches were very specific: he touched Kate’s face; touched Locke’s left shoulder; Sayid’s right shoulder; Sun and Jin’s shoulders at the same time; Jack’s left fingers; Sawyer’s right fingers; Hurley’s chest. Put all these motions together, in a specific sequence, say center, middle, left, right…and you have the sign of the cross. We’ve seen many of those, from Charlie’s cross, to Mr. Eko’s cross, to the Ankh cross–‘the key of life’–which carried the list of names of the ‘Candidates.’

~This season’s cast photo has a religious theme: analyze The ‘Lost’ Last Supper here

~The two Mary’s reunite: Kate finally finds Claire in her ‘Silence of the Lambs’ hole and asks if she’s okay. She can’t tell that Crazy Claire is NOT OKAY by her singing like a child and playing with her fingers? Or the glaring looks Claire gave Kate when Aaron’s Other mommy spilled that she took Aaron off the island and raised him?

Crazy Claire Has Defintely 'Lost' Her Way (ABC)

Crazy Claire Has Defintely 'Lost' Her Way (ABC)

Clues or Coincidences?

~Fresh off the uncrashed plane, Sayid heads to Nadia’s house–who is now married to his brother, Omar. (Whoa, this alt-verse is mean!) Uncle Sayid gives his niece and nephew a present from Australia–a boomerang. *Boomerangs signify the saying, “What goes around, comes around.” They also symbolize “things that return to haunt you later in life.” Or they could just be, you know, toys.

~This episode was called ‘Sundown’ (fifth episode of Season 6); its companion episode was called ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (sixth episode of Season 1). In that episode, Jin spoke little English (and when Sayid finds him here tied up in a meatlocker, he says ‘No English’) and beat up Michael, who was wearing the Rolex watch Jin was transporting for Sun’s dad when the plane crashed. Off-island Michael pawned the watch in exchange for a revolver to commit suicide. But the island would never let him kill himself. Jin was looking at the Rolex watch on the uncrashed Oceanic Flight 815. The white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (often referenced) was looking at his watch when Alice fell down the hole. Jacob likes to watch people through the Lighthouse. The Losties were time traveling. And MIB and Jacob have been around for a long time. Just sayin.’

~Martin Keamy turns out to be the egg-frying loan (Dharma) shark giving Sayid’s brother the shake down. Keamy was the military mad man who led the mercenary team that arrived on the island via Widmore’s freighter. He is the one responsible for shooting Ben’s Not-Daughter Alex, after Ben bluffed (and majorly regretted) saying, “She means nothing to me, she’s a pawn.” When Keamy killed Alex, a shocked Ben said, “He changed the rules.”

~Widmore’s freighter was named The Kahana, which means priest in Hawaiian. *Mr. Eko passed himself off as a priest. His brother Yemi was a priest, who died in a plane crash on the island. Mr. Eko was killed by the Smoke Monster. Mrs. Hawking ran The Lamp Post, the only known off-island Dharma station, that was hidden under a church in Los Angeles, where she did some high priestess voodoo.

~The number 12: This is not one of ‘The Numbers,’ but it popped up a bit this week. Dogen’s son was 12 years old when he was killed in a car accident. Dogen, who was successful in ‘business’ in Osaka back in the day (with Widmore? With Sun’s dad?), hints that he had been drinking on that fateful Friday when he picked up his son from baseball. Jack and Christian also had alcohol issues and also loved baseball (specifically The Red Sox). Dogen kept a baseball in the Temple; when it fell to the floor during their struggle, he let Sayid go (why?). #12 on the Lighthouse Wheel of Names is ‘Foster,’ whoever that is. Sayid said he had been trying to wash the blood off his hands for all his misdeeds for the last 12 years. Also: There are 12 hotels in the Seoul Gateway Hotel chain.

~Jin once worked as a doorman at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. (A gateway to the ‘SOUL’?) Sayid opened a door marked ‘caution’ and found Jin (‘No English’) Kwon tied up. Sayid sold his soul to Not-Locke.

~Other relevant hotels: The ‘Hotel Persephone’ in Sydney is where Hurley, Michael and Mr. Eko stayed the night before the crash of Flight 815. Persephone was Queen of the Underworld.

~The Westerfield Hotel is where ‘Jeremy Bentham’ was murdered by Ben Linus, after Locke contemplated suicide. A despondent, druggie Jack nearly jumped off a bridge. Michael tried to kill himself multiple times. Sun’s lover Jae Lee committed suicide by jumping off a building after getting a visit from Jin. Radzinsky committed suicide at the Swan station. Sam Toomey (the guy that gave Hurley the winning Lottery numbers) committed suicide to stop The Numbers curse. Regina from the freighter jumped overboard.

Collision Course: Look at all the incidents of car crashes on the show
~Nadia was hit by a car and died (instigated by Jacob)
~The Temple Master’s son died in a car accident
~Michael was hit by a car (the elusive Golden Pontiac) in NYC and broke his leg.
~Locke was hit by a car in a parking lot while chasing his mother.
~Locke was in a car wreck after Abaddon is gunned down by Ben.
~Juliet’s husband was run over by a bus.
~Kate’s childhood sweetheart Tom was killed in a shoot-out car crash.
~Hurley crashes his Camaro during a police chase.
~Claire and her mother were in a car crash (it put her mom in a coma for five years).
~Shannon’s father Adam Rutherford was killed in the same car accident that paralyzed Jack’s wife Sarah.
~When Jack attempts suicide on the bridge (prompted by seeing Locke’s obituary), there is a car crash which stops him from jumping. (Could this be Dogen’s accident?)
~Michael crashed his car on the docks in a failed suicide attempt.
~Locke’s father Anthony Cooper crashed in Tallahassee right before he mysteriously turned up on the island.
~Kate was in an accident with the marshal, which led to her escape, after a black horse ran onto the road…Kate saw a black horse on the island (along with Sawyer’s boar).
~Martha Toomey lost her leg in a car accident; her husband Sam Toomey (Hurley’s fellow cursed lottery winner) committed suicide.

~The license plate on the mini-van at Nadia’s house: 2SAQ321. The license plate on Jack’s Jeep: 2SAQ321.

~St. Sebastian: Christian Shephard was the chief of surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital. Sayid’s brother was rushed to a hospital, and Sayid and Nadia passed Jack in the hallway. St. Sebastian was a martyr and the patron saint of archers. One of the Dharma stations was The Arrow. A figure of St. Sebastian appeared throughout the Stephen King movie “Carrie.” The Others Book Club was reading the novel “Carrie” when Flight 815 crashed on the island.

Best Moments

~The Temple Massacre aka Puff Daddy’s Revenge aka The Wrath of Not-Locke aka The Coming of the Anti-Christ?

~Ninja Sayid and the Last Samurai’s Temple Throwdown

~The final haunting slo-mo scene with the awesome eerie music, where smirking Sayid, Crazy Claire and Not-Locke exchange knowing looks and have a moment

~Ben’s Face: Linus had nothing more than a cameo in this episode and still made it a memorable moment, just with his ‘Oh Crap, Who/What the Hell Are You?!’ face when he tries to rescue Sayid in the Temple. Too late!

~Miles getting his butt kicked by Illana kicking in the door during Smokey’s invasion; also playing solitaire at the Temple with Dharma cards

Kate and Miles Trapped at the Temple of Doom. Run, RUN! (ABC)

Kate and Miles Trapped at the Temple of Doom. Run, RUN! (ABC)

Best Quotes

“What’d I miss?” — Kate. “Ask Miles.” — Sayid.

“Welcome to the circus,” — Miles to Kate, upon her return to the Temple

“You stabbed me in the chest without so much as a Hello,” — Not-Locke to Sayid

“I’ve been drowned, beaten and tortured—at your hands—since I’ve been here. Why would I do anything for you?” Sayid to Dogen

“Jacob drives a hard bargain,” — Sayid to Dogen, before getting sweet revenge and drowning him in the Temple Jacuzzi, just as Dogen had done to Sayid

“Come with me…there’s still time,” Ben to Sayid. “Not for me,” Sayid replies with a devilish look.

“We’ll play catch up later, you want to live, you better move your ass,” — Lapidus to Miles, who’s happy to see him

“Hey, that Australian girl is back … she strolled in few hours ago, acting all weird—still hot though,” — Miles to Kate about Crazy Claire

"Now what'd you go and do that for?" (ABC)

Burning Questions

Where is the Not-Locke Gang headed? Besides ‘home.’ How are they getting off the island?

Is there a reason we haven’t seen Jacob and the Man in Black in the same place at the same time anymore?

What are Not-Locke’s plans for Kate? (She may or may not be a candidate…so can he kill her if he feels like it?)

Who’s coming to the island? Do we still think it’s Desmond? Could it be Aaron?

What was behind the secret door, featuring a heiroglyph that represents protection, where Illana and the gang hid in the Temple?

Where is SAWYER??? (I don’t think he’s just ‘on his own’)

And for that matter, where’s Richard??? Still hiding in the jungle?

Are Sun and Jin ever going to get back together?

Was it no coincidence that a commercial for the new movie “Hot Tub Time Machine” aired at the 26 minute mark??? The Temple Jacuzzi? Time-Traveling Losties? Hello?! Totally connected.

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