Michelle Rodriguez Returns to ‘Lost’

Michelle Rodriguez on 'Lost' (ABC)

Michelle Rodriguez on 'Lost' (ABC)

Michelle Rodriguez will be getting ‘Lost‘ again–for one episode at least–according to Entertainment Weekly.

Rodriguez will reprise her role as Ana-Lucia Cortez for this sixth and final season of the hit ABC show. One of the ‘Tailies,’ Ana-Lucia bit the bullet in a shocking Season 2 twist when Michael shot her and Libby in the hatch. She also made a humorous cameo appearance in Season 5 during one of Hurley’s visions.

ABC declined to comment on Rodriguez’s return, so there’s no telling how her character will figure into the storyline, but the Alt-Verse seems like a logical guess as to where the Los Angeles cop might turn up.

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What other dead Losties are making comebacks for the final season? The bringing-back-the-dead body count includes Harold Perrineau, Maggie Grace, Rebecca Mader, Jeremy Davies and Cynthia Watros. (Please don’t yell at me for spoilers, my dear Losties, these names were already out there!)

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