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Shocking Casting News of the Week

It’s a BAM reunion.  Eden Riegel, the wildly popular actress who has played All My Children’s Bianca on and off for the past decade, is taking over the role of Heather Stevens on The Young & The Restless from Vail Bloom.  There has been speculation that Riegel would return to AMC now that the show has moved to Los Angeles.  Her decision to join Y&R is a surprise.  Heather has been a peripheral character since she broke up with Adam.  Recasting with a big name means she is going to have a lot more to do.   This will reunite Riegel with Elizabeth Henricksen (Chloe) who played her love interest Maggie on AMC.   Given the established heterosexuality of both Heather and Chloe, I doubt there will be any attempt to pair them together romantically.

Speaking of All My Children, here are two more interviews from AMC’s recent press day.

Vincent Irizarry (David) Is Not A Hypcorite

If David Hayward ends up treating Dick Cheney the next time he has a heart attack, what will his treatment protocol be?

He took the hippocratic oath so he would have to do what he has to do.  I think that he would take care of him well.  He took care of Adam Chandler.  He’s a doctor.  The one person David didn’t take care of was when Vanessa was introduced and she had a heart attack and the audience didn’t know who she was at the time.  Erica sees David [and says], “Help this woman. She’s having a heart attack.”  You just saw David look at her like, “Die, you bitch.”  He literally walked over her body and walked away.

Have you gotten used to the medical jargon?

After 14 years, I’m used to it.  It’s not my favorite.  I usually have to work on it five times harder.  I say them in the shower.  Every now and then you get these long speeches.  Friends of mine who are doctors will say, “That was great man.  You were really natural.”  People often ask me if I have any Libidozone.

Let’s talk about Greenlee and David. Their relationship has been a lot of fun.

I watched the episode yesterday.  I even laughed when nurse Gayle came in. I’m happy.  They’ve been writing him really well since I came back to the show.  I’ve gotten one good storyline after the next.  I’m happy with the twist.  It emphasizes even more the Ryan and Greenlee story.  It gets a little conflict in there as well.

Everyone in Pine Valley acts like David is the most evil person who has ever lived, when they are hardly saints.  Who is the biggest hypocrite?

He’s made it his life’s mission to hold up a mirror to the people of Pine Valley to show them their own hypocrisies. They’re all not much of a far cry away from David Hayward.  Tad and Jake, they’ve both had their moments.  They always find that whatever they do is a means to an end, the ends justify the means.  There’s something they need done, they will break the law.  Jesse, the Chief of Police, planted drugs in my home.  He set me up.  There’s an enormous amount of hypocrisy on Pine Valley.

Josh Duhamel was recently quoted as saying he’d love to make a brief return to All My Children.  Any chance that will happen now that the show is in L.A.?

That would be awesome.  I would love to work with Josh Duhamel.  He came to the studio in New York about two or three months before we left. It was great to see him.  He’s a wonderful talent. I think [the producers] would love to have him do an episode, giving guidance to his brother perhaps or talking to Greenlee.

Julia Barr (Brooke) on The Day She Played Erica

How does the new taping schedule work?

We are on a four day week schedule.  They have to take time out for holidays throughout the year so they pack in a ton of stuff in four days each and every week.  In any given day they usually have maybe three or four shows bits and pieces that they’re doing.  Many weeks they do what they call a six pack where they try to get a total of six shows in the can in four days, which is quite remarkable.

What kind of interaction are Brooke and Annie going to have?

They are coming from two completely opposite ends of the spectrum, particularly in their overview of the world in general and their overview of the Chandler family.  My relationship with the Chandler family is very different from hers.  I came back to be editor of Tempo.  That’s my main focus.  And I got tossed into a family drama that’s very serious that pulls everyone together and am immediately embraced.    And that is very upsetting to her…

There has been some speculation that Adam will be written off the show by leaving Pine Valley with Brooke.

I can’t really say.  They definitely are reconnecting in a way that I don’t think they anticipated.  The last thing Brooke wants to do is to come between Adam and Annie.  She does not want to wreck a marriage.

Are you disappointed that David Canary announced his retirement so soon after you started working with him again?

I’ve had so much pleasure working with David for so long.  I’m so glad to be back on this canvas again.  I also understand that this [move] was not something he had anticipated and his home is on the east coast.  There’s not a person on this canvas who is not going to miss him terribly.  It’s going to take some adjustments.  There’s the reverberations of his not being here.  The family’s going to be impacted.  That’s going to keep him in the mix even though he’s not on the canvas.

Do you have any special memories of him?

When they were actually auditioning David for the role of Adam, initially he was going to be working with Susan [Lucci.]  David was the last one that they wanted to put on tape.  Susan wasn’t available that day.  So the producer came up and said, “Could you audition with David Canary?”  I said, “Sure.”  It was a lot of fun because you rarely get to do your perspective of another character.  So, I played Erica and he auditioned for the role of Adam.  I had such a great time.  He said, “Remember that audition? The producer, Jacqui Babbin at the time, came up hugged you and said, ‘Great job.’  and didn’t say a word to me.”  I said, “But you got the job.”

What was the key to portraying Erica?

You have to have the hair.  I think the character of Erica sees the world from a certain perspective.  First of all, she’s a can do person.  She’s a never say die person.  And she’s glamorous.  She’s had the world behave toward her in a certain way.  But she’s also a smart woman and she has a maternal side.  I think [Erica and Brooke] have always been at odds because we have a lot of similarities but we view the world entirely differently.

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