Is There A ‘Brady Bunch’ Feud? Of Course There Is

The Brady Bunch gang during happier times.  (Hulton Archive, Getty Images)

The Brady Bunch gang during happier times. (Hulton Archive, Getty Images)

Brady Bunch‘ feud?  Or no ‘Brady Bunch’ feud?

A planned reunion on the ‘Today’ show of the TV family did not happen this week and reported exclusively that a feud between Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb was largely responsible.

Before you could say, “Oh Marcia,” they both denied it, but Christopher Knight’s representative admitted in an email to “Eve never does Brady press, especially if Maureen is involved. This went on for decades.”

So now has reached out to the definitive authority to settle this matter once and for all. Barry Greenberg is the man who last brought the Brady Bunch together, serving as talent producer for the 2004 TV show, “The Brady Bunch 35th Anniversary Reunion Special: Still Brady After All These Years.”

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“Of course there’s a Brady feud,” Greenberg told, confirming that Marcia and Jan, er, Maureen and Eve, simply do not get along.

The root of the problem? Says Greenberg: “One of the teasers for Maureen McCormick’s successful 2008 book “Here’s My Story” included an alleged teenage kiss between her and Eve Plumb. Plumb denied the incident and was not amused.”

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Greenberg should know. He was not only the last person to reunite the Bradys, but he also managed McCormick at one time.


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