‘NCIS’ Stars: Don’t Look For More Crossovers

David McCallum and Rocky Carroll (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

David McCallum and Rocky Carroll (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Looking for more crossover characters between two of TV’s highest rated series with the same four letters – ‘NCIS’ – in the title? Don’t count on it.

And there may be egos attached to the distinction between the long-running ‘NCIS,’ starring Mark Harmon, and the first-season standout ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.

“I just do ‘NCIS,’ and then they came up with ‘NCIS: LA,'” David McCallum, the TV veteran who plays Dr. Donald Mallard, told Fancast at Monday’s PaleyFest 2010 event for ‘NCIS.’ “I don’t see the connection between ‘NCIS: LA’ and the real ‘NCIS’ in Washington. They really have no connection.”

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Asked if he would guest star on ‘NCIS’ as a crossover character, as have his costars Rocky Carroll and Pauley Perrette, the iconic TV star McCallum, who starred on ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E.,’ said, “It would be difficult for me to go – although I wouldn’t want to anyway.”

Carroll, who has starred on the flagship ‘NCIS’ since when 2008, has appeared on six episodes of ‘NCIS: LA.’ But he says he doesn’t expect there to be many more  crossover appearances between the two series. ‘NCIS’ was a spin-off of ‘JAG,’ which ran from 1995-2005.

“I think they probably wanted it at the beginning, because what they were trying to do by establishing the [‘NCIS: LA’] spin-off was let the audience know there is a correlation between the two,” Carroll told Fancast Monday. “Here is [Leon] Vance (Carroll), here is Abby Sciutto (Perrette). But now that the spin-off has gotten legs on its own and has a real audience, [and] has I think really found its own voice, I don’t think it’s going to be as necessary just yet.”

The two shows share several of the same producers, including David Bellassario and Shane Brennan.

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