Deep Soap: Marcy Rylan Joins Young & The Restless, Interviews With All My Children’s Ricky Paull Goldin & Walt Willey

Marcy Rylan (CBS)

Marcy Rylan (CBS)

More Recasting Madness

On the heels of hiring Eden Riegel to take over the role of Heather, The Young & The Restless has recast the role of Abby Carlton with former Guiding Light star Marcy Rylan.   The twenty-nine year old Rylan replaces the sixteen year old Hayley Erin.   Obviously, Abby is going to be SORASED.  Though the genetically gifted Rylan can plausibly play early twenties, it seems likely that she will be mixing it up with Kevin, Daniel and Jana.  Though I am thrilled that this legacy character will be played by a talented actress, it does make for some confusing holes in the Genoa City time/space continuum.  This latest SORASing will make Abby only a few years younger than her siblings Nick and Victoria, and older than her former classmate Noah.   Noah cannot be aged proportionately because he needs to be young enough to be the thirtysomething Nick and Sharon’s child.  Perhaps the newly mature Abby will end up working for Jabot or Restless Style.  Rylan is adept at playing both heavy drama and comedy.  She has experience butting heads with one of daytime’s most notorious patriarchs, Alan Spaulding.  I look forward to watching her go toe to toe with the Alpha dog, Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman.

All My Children’s Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) Embraces The Granola

Do you ever pull out the old Ladykiller video from Another World and reminisce about the days of the mullet?

I was just in my Mom’s basement a couple of nights ago because I was looking for something and I actually saw that tape.  I didn’t play it because I don’t think they make machines for that anymore.  God when I think about that, it’s a trip. I’ve had some good times.

You’ve been a part of three different supercouples.  What’s the secret?

I’ve been really blessed with the people I’ve gotten to work with.  There’s a magical element with some of my leading ladies.  I’ve just tried to find things in people that might be harder to dig up in a real relationship.  But since you’re hiding behind the character you can do anything without getting slapped.  And I’ve gotten slapped a few times too.

Tell us about the move.

I love the idea of change.  But I had roots in New York.  My house is in New York.  I have a couple things in our financial times that I couldn’t just dump.  I wouldn’t have lived in Hollywood again.  I’m a New Yorker.  If you’re good at what you do, hopefully you could live in London and do it if you’re in any kind of demand.  But I just gotten on board with this show and then bang –we all got shuffled into the audience [area] at The View.  It was very weird.  It was at lunch.  When you’re sitting in the audience next to your Executive Producer you know something’s going on.  The Powers That Be come out with seven lawyers where Barbara Walters sits and tell you, “It’s a done deal.  We’re moving.”  But now that I’m back, I forgot how many friends I have here.  It’s a beautiful lifestyle.  Now granola’s in my kitchen.  I’m eating yogurt again.  I ran on the beach.

The new studio’s beautiful.

This is the part I don’t think anyone will talk about.  When we were leaving New York it was hard to be happy because it was such a bad time and we were leaving all of our crew.  So you can’t go around gleefully.  But now that we landed here and the holidays are past and we got into this new space we have all this lovely energy.  Everybody’s trying to work so hard.  Hair, make up, sound, everybody’s so energized.  We don’t want to let them down.  We want to be a great reason why they got a gig.  We’ve got one sound guy named Butch that I worked with on Guiding Light for eight years so I feel like we have some weird marriage going on.

What’s kept Jake from killing David?

My contract.  Usually when you kill somebody, they paint you into the hole.  I’ve never understood that.  They come to a cast member: “We’ve painted you into a corner.  We don’t know how to get you out of the corner.”  So if I have a gun and I’m holding it on David, later I make sure that I show somebody else on camera that I had no bullets.  You have to be careful.  He’s a great bad guy, though.  I love playing that with him.

What’s your wish for Jake?

I love doing funny stuff.  We’re moving so fast I can do whatever I want as long as I’m not stepping on other people’s dialogue.  That’s a blast.  It’s fun for my brain.  I feel like I’m doing a Broadway show.  But the stuff that I really love is the really deep stuff.  It could be easily over the top.  You have to guide yourself.  What I would love is my ex-wife to walk back in the door who left me in Africa right in the middle of my beautiful life, my beautiful wife, my beautiful baby, and all of a sudden she walks through the door.

All My Children’s Walt Willey (Jack) Should Be A Network Executive

Is Jack going to be a part of Erica’s future now that she and Ryan have broke up?

She’s always been in his future, even if she didn’t know that.  I think that these human beings, they’ve never gotten to actually finish their story.  It’s always been interrupted by their children. or circumstance or fickleness or something.  What I think, and as far as I’m concerned what the fans want, is what the show should have been doing.  I think it’s a dangerous thing to think we know what they want better than they do.  I think we found that out over the past year or two because they were trying to reinvent the wheel and ignore all the baggage of history and legacy.  I think this is a genre that is wrapped around history and legacy and if you don’t include it, you’re just not writing for the genre.  I think the fans, the people who have been viewing this show, they want to see Jack and Erica get a chance to finish what they started.  I think it would be good for the show.  We have a good time working together.  I think it shows.  Actors are in the business of giving people who put down their money to watch the show what they want.

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