‘Grey’s’ Gossip: Two Docs Checking Out?

'Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl, Nora Zehetner and Sarah Drew (ABC)

'Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl, Nora Zehetner and Sarah Drew (ABC)

The halls of Seattle Grace will be a bit less crowded come fall, in light of a report that ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ is giving not one but two docs their walking papers.

Both Nora Zehetner and Robert Baker, who play Reed Adamson and Charles Percy, are not expected to return to the ABC serial next season, says EW.com. The two characters were introduced this fall when the staffs of Mercy West and SGH merged and immediately began ruffling each other’s feathers.

When Fancast asked ‘Grey’s’ boss Shonda Rhimes if she had any long-term plans for the new docs, she hedged her bets by saying, “Sometimes we keep our guest cast… and sometimes we don’t.”

As for the two other Mercy Westers, nothing is for certain but there is talk that both Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams) and April Kepner (‘Everwood’ alumna Sarah Drew) could prove to be keepers. That could help fill any void left by the possible departure of Katherine Heigl (Izzie), who has been largely MIA this season due to her film commitments and subsequent maternity leave.

Dr. Kepner was dramatically dismissed in the ‘Rashomon’-style episode, yet recently resurfaced as new chief of surgery Derek Shepherd’s assistant.

Avery, meanwhile, drew a bull’s-eye on his back by locking lips with a vulnerable Cristina several months ago, and in the last episode was revealed to have ties to the esteemed doctor for whom the Avery Award was named.

Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, told us, “I don’t get a ton of information ahead of time, so I’m excited as anybody else to find out what the hell is going to happen next for me.”

Is ‘Grey’s’ making the right call in casting aside Adamson and Percy? Are you on board with the likely keepers from the list? Share your thoughts in Comments. Me, I’d prefer to see Reed stay, if only because Lexie shouldn’t be expected to be the lone on-call room hook-up.

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