Ken Jeong Enlisting Sandra Bullock for ‘Community’

Ken Jeong on Community (NBC)

Ken Jeong on Community (NBC)

Ken Jeong‘s Senor Chang may not be the most romantically desirable TV character, with his mood swings and defensiveness.

But Jeong, who costarred with Sandra Bullock in last summer’s ‘All About Steve’ (for which Bullock just picked up a Razzie), thinks the 2010 Oscar winner would be a perfect love interest for him on his NBC sitcom ‘Community.’

“Sandra Bullock and Ken Jeong – and I like my name in front of Sandy’s,” Jeong told Fancast at Wednesday’s PaleyFest 2010 event for ‘Community.’ “Just for billing’s sake. It’s TV, not movies. It’s not ‘The Blind Side’ we’re talking about. Please print that.”

Jeong’s Senor Chang has been on and off with his wife on the first season of ‘Community.’ His love life may be more active as the season continues on into its final episodes.

“He did get back together with his wife, or did have some kind of reconciliation,” Jeong says. “They have had this on-and-off thing going for a while. I definitely think there is going to be more in terms of relationships with him. I’m excited to see where it goes, because [creator] Dan Harmon is the mad genius of the show.”

Jeong has said Senor Chang is somewhat based on his father, D.K. Jeong, who is a retired economics professor from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. But his dad hasn’t given him feedback, Jeong says, on the character, which he says a more “mean-spirited” temperament than his dad.

“I think of my dad all the time when I do this,” Jeong says. “I reference that organically, [he] teaching it. But it’s the complete opposite, he’s a very gentle guy. He is like the Bob Newhart of Asian economics professors. I’m more like the Don Rickles of Asian teachers, much more mean-spirited. My character is so insecure. He has an inferiority complex.”

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