Sharon Osbourne: Early ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Favorite?

Sharon Osbourn on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Sharon Osbourn on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Could Sharon Osbourne be an early front-runner on this season’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ premiering March 14 on NBC?

Out of this year’s celebrities including Sinbad, Holly Robinson Peete, Selita Ebanks, and Rod Blagojevich, Osbourne has tenacity, behind-the-scenes show business experience, and nefarious politicking skills that stand out as advantages. A longtime music promoter who spent the last three seasons on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ she understands how TV competitions work, as well.

“On the cast, I think the one I feared the most was going to be Sharon Osbourne,” Bret Michaels said on a conference call with reporters this week for ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ The Poison rocker also mentioned Osbourne two separate times in the hour-long call as an example of exemplary competition.

“The truth of the matter is when you start to know who is going to be on the show, and you know you’re going to go in there and face Sharon Osbourne and Darryl Strawberry … people that are strong, business-minded, successful people, you really have to up your game,” Michaels said.

He also said, “Knowing that you’re up there in front of Mr. Trump, in front of Sharon, in front of Strawberry, in front of [Bill] Goldberg, it really makes you up your game.”

When Osbourne is mentioned right after the Chairman of the Boardroom, that’s not bad.

Asked about Osbourne’s chances to win this season, Donald Trump, who was on Tuesday’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ conference call with Michaels, was coy and perhaps taken aback.

“Well, she is very smart, she is very strong, very strong-minded and willed,” Trump said. “You see what she did with [husband] Ozzy, because Ozzy is a great talent in terms of music, but I guarantee you he wouldn’t have been where he is today without Sharon. He understands that better than anybody. So, she is a great character on the show. Beyond that, I can’t talk too much because I can’t tell you how she does, obviously. But she has been a great character on the show. There is no question about it.”

It could be that Osbourne is a big bust. Trump did hint there are surprises this year with supposedly strong competitors who go belly-up soon in the competition. He used three “really’s” in his explanation, below.

“I think than more any other show, I would say that some of the people that I thought were really, really, really tough killers weren’t, and some of the people I thought were not that tough turned out to be,” Trump says. “You will see that. Some of the people you think are these absolute rocks in terms of strength are not so strong. And some of the ones you wouldn’t think be as good are really tough, tough people, they’re tough competitors. I can’t mention names, but some of the people I thought were these brutal killers turned out not to be.”

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