Kendra Wilkinson Working on Reclaiming Her Pin-up Status

Kendra Wilkinson, NFL Hubby Hank Baskett and Baby Hank (Photo: E!)

Kendra Wilkinson, NFL Hubby Hank Baskett and Baby Hank (Photo: E!)

The pressure to return to a pre-pregnancy weight is something all new moms struggle with. The pressure is greater in Hollywood, where starlets like Nicole Richie and Nicole Kidman make getting your body back after having a baby look effortless.

It’s tough even for ‘The Girl Next Door.’ Reality star Kendra Wilkinson, hard-bodied Playboy pin-up and star of her own E! reality show ‘Kendra,’ finds the process is all about patience.

Eight weeks after giving birth to son Henry Baskett IV, Wilkinson debuted her post-baby body on the cover of OK! Magazine.

Wilkinson’s struggle to lose the pregnancy weight wasn’t her only hurdle. She revealed to OK! Magazine that after she gave birth to her son in December, she suffered from postpartum depression. “After giving birth, I never brushed my hair, my teeth, or took a shower. I looked in the mirror one day and was really depressed.”

Watch a Frumpy Kendra Complain About Her Love Handles Below:

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With the support of her husband, Indianapolis Colt’s player Hank Baskett, Kendra overcame her depression and began to set realistic goals for her shape-up. She credits diet, exercise, and portion control for her ability to drop the pounds quickly, but also emphasizes the necessity for the occasional “cheat” day. After confessing her cravings for pizza and ice cream during her third trimester, she found it unrealistic to expect her habits to change overnight. “I can’t just go from that to eating salads. I’m phasing it out, little bit by little bit.”

Kendra, who was kept off her feet in the weeks after giving birth to recover from a C-section, has been slowly easing back into exercise by carefully coordinating her schedule with her husband. She tells OK! Magazine: “I go to the gym when Hank comes home. We take turns with who gets to work out.”

Kendra’s body inspiration: Pink! Wilkinson Twittered: “I think I’m going to have to hang up a bunch of pictures of Pink around the house to motivate me to get back in shape….she has my fave body LOL.”

Life these days, however, is not all hard work for Wilkinson. The former party girl went back to her roots when her husband’s team made it to the Super Bowl, Twittering: “Got married, had a baby, n now headed to Miami to the Superbowl…what a year it’s been. Mama’s havin some dranks in MIA tho…oh yaaa lolol.”

The second season of ‘Kendra’ premieres Sunday, March 14, at 10 p.m. on E!

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