New on DVD: Up In The Air, Planet 51, Capitalism & More

Premiering on Digital Versatile Disc today are some Oscar nominees and some not-so-Oscar-nominees. On the plus side, we’ve got Precious (also available on Comcast on Demand today) and Up In The Air. On the not-so-plus side, we’ve got Old Dogs, Planet 51 and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day – aka 2 Boondock 2 Saints. Splitting the difference is Michael Moore’s latest screed Capitalism: A Love Story. Take a closer look at all of these movies below before making your purchasing decisions.

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Up In The Air
In Juno director Jason Reitman’s drama, Best Actor nominee George Clooney stars as a hatchet man who travels so often that his entire life revolves around his approach to his ten millionth frequent flyer mile. But after a fling with a fellow traveler (Best Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga) impressed by his elite status and after being forced to show an ambitious young upstart (Best Supporting Actress nominee Anna Kendrick) the ropes of his job, he’s forced to face up to his solitary existence and figure out what he really wants.

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Capitalism: A Love Story
Michael Moore returns with a scathing indictment of not only the engineers of the massive bailout in the last gasp of the Bush administration, but the very foundation of the divisions between the rich and the poor, and the lies perpetrated by the top 1% against the remaining 95% of America.

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Read more of Moore defending his integrity.

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Planet 51
On an alien planet populated by little green people who nonetheless live like they’re in the 1950s, life is turned upside down by the arrival of an American astronaut and the resulting paranoia about whether or not he is there to liquefy their brains. Featuring the voices of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Justin Long and Jessica Biel.

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[iframe–All-Saints-Day/149522/1239800323/Boondock-Saints-II%3A-Red-Band-Trailer/embed 580 476]

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
The McManus brothers Murphy (Norman Reedus) and Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) return to Boston ten years after director Troy Duffy’s first breakthrough film The Boondock Saints became a cult hit (and five years after his subsequent meltdown was documented in Overnight). This time, the son (Judd Nelson) of the crimelord they murdered in the first film kills a beloved priest in order to draw them out of hiding, unaware of the whirlwind he’s brought upon himself. The boys won’t stand for this – not with backup from their father (Billy Connolly) and their new friend Romeo (Clifton Collins Jr.).

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Old Dogs
John Travolta and Robin Williams star as hotshot businessmen who suddenly find themselves saddled with childcare issues when a sudden paternity is revealed and twin seven-year-olds are put into their care. Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella also star.

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