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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

Have you got any ‘NCIS‘ scoop about our favorite Goth? – SolisticeDreams
Yes, and you best read it quickly, because it concerns this week’s episode: Ducky has a secret, and Abby is on a mission to find out what it is. This begs the question: What does a Goth wear when going undercover – a frilly pink sundress?

I can’t picture Mark Harmon “with” Rena Sofer on ‘NCIS.’ They just don’t go! – Mary Ann
Calm, calm…. It’s looking like hot romance isn’t necessarily in the cards for Gibbs and no-nonsense attorney M. Allison Hart. As reported by Fancast’s Nicholas White, Harmon said just the other day, “I know people are talking about… where that is going, and I can guarantee you it isn’t going where people think it’s going.” The ‘NCIS’ lead added, “I know [Rena] will be somewhat involved in the arc as we head toward the end of the year, but I don’t know what she’s doing.”

‘NCIS’ should tread carefully when making changes. In the past if the powers-that-be felt a change was needed, there was a pregnancy. Now there would be a big change – Gibbs getting pregnant. Crazy, yes, but have you watched TV lately? Nothing surprises me. – Diane
I have watched TV lately, yes, but I must admit: Mark Harmon’s character getting pregnant would very much surprise me. ‘NCIS’ boss Shane Brennan is a crafty man, but I am betting that is not where he’s going with the season finale/”life-changing decision.”

I miss ‘Dollhouse’ terribly. Have you heard any details on Dichen Lachman‘s ‘NCIS: LA‘ role? – Dresden21
She who on ‘Dollhouse’ portrayed Sierra/Priya again seems to be juggling aliases. On this week’s ‘NCIS: LA’ she plays Allison Pritchett/Allysia Takada, a sassy beauty who gets entangled in an underground street race investigation and the murder of a sailor.

Lana-the-FBI investigator got a little “hands-y” with Kalinda on the last episode of ‘The Good Wife.’ Can we expect to see her in future episodes? It seems like Kalinda’s already “working under” quite a few people. – Lynn
I’m with you on that one, Lynn – Kalinda seems to draw attention from any and everyone. While there are no plans for Lana to return, rest assured that Kalinda’s dance card will continue to overfloweth. In fact, in the next few episodes you’ll see her engage in a new flirtation with somebody we’ve seen before.

Any news – yet?! – on when ‘Lie to Me‘ will return? – Claire
We now have a date, per Monday, June 7, where it will be paired with the new Bradley Whitford (‘The West Wing’) cop dramedy ‘Good Guys.’ Until then, here’s a casting scoop to tide you over: Torres’ younger sister, who I first told you about in December, will be played by Alyssa Diaz (‘As the World Turns’).

I just read your story on the ‘Desperate Housewives’ shake-up. Say it ain’t so, that Robin is leaving. Julie Benz has been such a breath of fresh air. – Greg
That Robin has brough a certain something to Wisteria Lane, I agree! The thing to keep in mind if that even if Benz’s ABC pilot isn’t picked up, ‘Housewives’ was always intended  as a short-term gig for her – albeit one that got extended. As it stands right now, Benz has two more appearances ahead of her, airing March 14 and 21.

Can you give us more information about the ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ Iraq War flashback episode? Will it be very important for Owen and Cristina’s relationship? – Iris
I’d venture to say it will have some effect on Owen’s current romance if only because it will shed light on whatever it was that bonded him and Teddy “over there.” ABC’s official logline reads: “When Teddy’s patient seeks to end treatment and her life, she turns to Hunt for help. The situation triggers Hunt’s memories of his life at war and his past relationship with Teddy.” What’s more, the very special hour was penned by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who last collaborated for “I Like You Better When You’re Naked,” the episode that followed up Cristina’s “You can have him!” offer to Teddy.

Any word on when ‘FlashForward‘ will be back, or have they canceled it? – Gerri
‘FlashForward’ has not been canceled, though ABC’s failure to promote it during the Oscars telecast was… well, conspicuous. The freshman series returns March 18 with a two-parter in which Mark is suspended from duty (yet of course stays on the case), Demetri tries to track down abducted Lloyd, and Suspect Zero is identified. Janis meanwhile learns some of the mysterious Simon’s family secrets. That said, don’t expect the mastermind behind the blackouts to go all warm and fuzzy on us. “He kills people,” Dominic Monaghan reminds. “Can you trust someone who kills people?”

How psyched are you that ‘Smallville‘ got a Season 10?! – Floruru via Twitter
Very. I mean, that’s a whole extra year of sifting through “When will Clark fly?” questions. Yay, me!

Can you give us a hint about Martian Manhunter’s role in the ‘Smallville’ episode “Checkmate”? – Tombstone25
I do love talking about he who shares my monogram. I’ve learned that MM is more enmeshed in the Checkmate mystery than any of us may have suspected, and that makes Clark suspicious as heck. I’m also hearing – and this part gives me gooseflesh – that Martian Manhunter and Amanda Waller have a face-off that potentially won’t end well for the spaceman. Hopefully, the big guy’s got a trick or two up his purple sleeve…?

Can you find out what the situation is for ‘Legend Of The Seeker‘? Fans are climbing the walls to get this show back. – autumnrae89 via Twitter
The bad news is that, yes, the Tribune Station Group has indicated little interest in distributing the syndicated series for a third season. But a pal close to the show, which is currently airing its sophomore run, assures me that there is a “great desire” to continue the adventure, and as such they are exploring their options with other distributors.

Have you seen this recent Kayla Ewell interview? It seems Vicki may come back to ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Also, do you know who Spencer Locke will be playing, and which episode will she first appear in? – Johanna
First, Kayla: I suspect she was just being cheeky with that particular tease about seeing Vicki again. That said, I wouldn’t count out seeing Ewell land a role on another CW series. As for Locke, the recent ‘Cougar Town’ guest star is playing beauty pageant contest named Amber in Episode 18, titled “Miss Mystic Falls.”

I saw Minka Kelly in promo for this week’s ‘Parenthood.’ Any info on her role? Is she on one episode or more? – windsprints via Twitter
The ‘Friday Night Lights’ alumna will be appearing in at least three episodes of the new NBC series, She’s playing the behavioral therapist Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) hire her to help out with son Max, who is suspected of having high-functioning autism.

I realized I’m still really bitter about NBC’s cancellation of ‘Life.’ Any chance we’ll see Damian Lewis back on TV sometime soon? – fatherdowling via Twitter
What’s keeping you bitter, the fact that ABC has a somewhat similar, ‘Life’-like cop show in the works? Anyway, I asked around and although Lewis fielded “lots of offers” to star in fall pilots, the smaller screen does not figure into his immediate plans. Right now, he’s working the planks in London, playing opposite Kiera Knightley in ‘The Misanthrope.’ On this side of the pond, you can next see him in ‘Your Highness,’ a film slated for fall release and also starring James Franco and Danny McBride.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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