Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’ Stars Share Intimate Secrets

Maurice Benard (ABC)

Maurice Benard (ABC)

ABC recently hosted a speedating-style press day with some of the biggest stars from ‘All My Children’ and ‘General Hospital.’ Highlights below:

Dominic Zamprogna(Dante) and Julie Berman (Lulu) Promise They Will Have Sex Soon

Poor Dante and Lulu are the most sexually frustrated characters in daytime.

Zamprogna: At least we’ve got something going for us.

Berman: That’s an awesome title.

When, where and how are they going to solve that problem?

Zamprogna: It’s going to happen soon.  I don’t remember where.

Berman:  We don’t know how it’s going to happen.

Zamprogna: Probably a back alley somewhere.

Berman: I really hope it lives up to the hype.

Zamprogna: So do I.

Berman: There’s a lot of angst, with the fans wanting it to be so glorious.   I just hope —

Zamprogna: We can deliver it.

Berman: Magic!

Poor Dante.  He got blocked by his lasagna-bearing mother.

Zamprogna: She brings over casseroles to the house at inopportune times.

Something that’s been a little frustrating for a lot of viewers is Dante’s decision to lie about Sonny shooting him.  Was that tough to play?

Zamprogna:  Yeah.  I found that really frustrating because we made such an effort to make this guy really a core rooted, moral guy.  This seemed like the first betrayal of that.  He struggled when he recognized he was going to take down Sonny but he knew what he had to do. So that was, to me, one of those times reading it as an actor where you want to shake your character.  But you talk about it, you work it out, and you find a way to justify it.  You make it so it is not such a betrayal of your character.

Does Dante really believe that it was his own fault because he went in without back up?

Zamprogna: Yeah.  He totally blames himself for the whole thing.  He thinks he wouldn’t have got shot if he did it properly and didn’t get attached emotionally.

Berman: And brought a gun.

Zamprogna: And wore a vest.  It’s his ego, too, that gets in the way.  He’s got the same problem, ironically, his father has.

What is he going to do when the truth comes out about Claudia’s murder?

Zamprogna: I don’t know what he’s going to do.  I think he’s going to be thrown for a loop and come and talk to this one [Lulu] and hope that she’s got his back on this one.

Would you like Lulu to have a storyline of her own besides being Dante’s love interest?

Berman:  Honestly, I love being a part of this storyline.  I do a lot of stuff in the Luke and Laura family and I have no ties to the Corinthos side.  Now for the first time I get to work with Maurice a little more and tap into that water.

It’s been rather awesome watching Lulu tell Sonny what a jerk he is.

Berman: I love any opportunity to tell it like it is loudly.

Do you think there’s any chance Dante and Lulu will succeed at taking Sonny down?

Zamprogna: I think you’re going to see that we have at some point soon.  We’re going to be on the outside looking in to a lot of circles.

You mentioned that Lulu is Luke and Laura’s daughter.  Any chance that she will be back?

Berman: I don’t know of Genie returning but I’m sure that door is always revolving.  If she comes back, that’s always good news for me.



Maurice Benard (Sonny): My Best  Story Is Yet To Come

Is is tough playing Sonny blaming everybody but himself for shooting Dante?

No.  Because he truly believes when he blames somebody that they’re somewhat at fault, maybe not as much as he is, but they’re somewhat at fault.  He does what he does.

How is the relationship between Sonny and Dante going to progress? Right now, Dante doesn’t even want to be in the same room with him.

I think it should stay that way for a long time.  I think the chemistry between us is as good as it gets.  The more he doesn’t want his father, the more eventually the fans will want them to [reconcile.]  It’s like a love story.

What’s Sonny going to do as Johnny’s campaign against him escalates?

It’s his huge enemy.  He does something on the stand at the trial that’s really horrible because he doesn’t tell the truth about Sonny.  It’s a very sore subject with Sonny because he’s never hit a woman.  So that’s one thing you don’t accuse him of.

Sonny and Carly seem to be getting closer as a result of this situation.  Is Sonny going to find himself back in his ex-wife’s orbit again?

I don’t know if that would be wise.  I do believe that there’s a bond there and there’s a closeness.  She’s doing some really good things for him right now.  You can’t help but have that bond get closer.  But she’s married with a newborn baby so it wouldn’t be good on her part.  Even if Sonny wanted her to want it, it might not be.  Sonny’s free.  He’s got no girl. He can do what he wants.

Is Sonny going to end up doing any time behind bars — his ultimate nightmare?

I’m playing it like he’s either going behind bars or he’s going to have to break somewhere, to his island or whatever.  I don’t know if he is going to prison.

How does Sonny feel about the position Michael finds himself in.  He’s being a protective father, but is there a part of him that wants to ship him off to the island to get him out of this life?

It’s a horrible situation because Sonny for the most part should blame himself for Michael. So to see his son in that situation is — but I think they’ve all, Sonny, Jason and Carly gotten themselves in the situation that – you can’t stop the train once it keeps rolling.  You do something that’s not maybe perfect and you can’t stop it.  It’s a tough situation.

What sort of response to this storyline have you gotten from the audience?

This story is probably the best story — the one coming up is probably as good — as has been in a long time.  The one coming up actingwise for me is the best I’ve done I think ever because it’s not just a couple days, it’s a stretch. And I’m not just trying to sell tickets because I believe it.

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