Jenna Morasca’s ‘Survivor’ Advice: “Practice What You Preach”

I am feeling so satisfied after this episode of ‘Survivor.’ Nothing excites me more than a good old-fashioned blind side. Blind sides are kind of like the chicken pox, no matter who you are or how important everyone thinks you are, everyone is in danger of getting it. Since this is considered an “all stars” everyone should be seen as a threat, but lets be honest some players are bigger threats than others. Most of the time us Survivors talk a real big game (myself included) and never follow through. We say things like “lets get all the weak people off early”, or “lets get them off now because they are such a threat.” These things are said but most of the time we are too chicken too follow through, and other times we get so distracted early on by the annoying people these threats slip by. Well this is NOT the case with this season and I love it!

Cirie has proved herself to be a major threat. I know she does not completely understand this but her smile and kind eyes are much more threatening than an outward hero. This is the same person who will make you a 5-course dinner, but poison your dessert. As much as I always knew they had to get rid of her early I NEVER thought they could pull it off. Many of the people I interviewed before the show stated they thought Cirie was a major threat and wanted her to go early. Well, mission accomplished.

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Lets break this down even further before we head to the villains tribe. Tom and Colby are clearly on the outs in this group. Not just in this group but also probably in the entire cast, and this is no secret to them. Its one thing to be on the outs, it is a total other thing to be on the outs with your tribe and have no clue. We have seen so many people whose tribe was completely not into them and they had no idea.

Tom and Colby were aware of this fact before the game even started! In fact Tom and Colby told me during our interviews together that they were downright concerned they had not really known anyone prior to the game. Tom and Colby are considered old school Survivors, they did not play with many of these people and both of them do not attend all the Survivor parties and charity functions that allow everyone to socialize. They had no previous relationships or bonds with these people at all.

And while sometimes not knowing people beforehand can be helpful – such as you did not have a chance to make an enemy with someone you have to rely on later. The truth is previous relationships do have an impact on how people play even if we try and pretend it doesn’t. For example, if you’re on a tribe of 7 people and 4 of those people you know from previous events and know their personality, and 3 people you have never met chances are in this game you gravitate towards the people you know.

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It is just human nature. That is why I am really impressed with the work that Tom and Colby are doing to overcome this challenge. I don’t know how long it will last but at least you can say they are doing everything in their power to try and stay in the game.

Tom found and played the idol and Colby has the eye of the tiger! It was great to see them flip JT to their side to cause Cirie to get the boot. JT is playing hard and playing to win. He is one of the few on the heroes tribe that does not care he has the word “hero” to live up to. He just wants to win and is willing to do what it takes- gotta love that! Bring on more back stabbing and blindsides from the heroes.

Alright, onto the villain’s tribe. There seems to be a bit of “double standard-itis” running rampant in this group. A few weeks ago there was a case of “crybabyitis” (AKA the swine flu) going around. Coach had a bit of a human moment on the tribe and caught the “crybaby-itis”.

Here is something everyone needs to know about Coach. Coach is not a villain, he does not have a black heart or ice running through this veins. Yes Coach is eccentric, tells tall tales, and has a stride all of his own, but villain he is not. Coach comes into playing Survivor as a real person, he is not trying to play a character or get the most screen time, and he believes and lives in the world he has created.

Coach is sensitive and takes things personally and he wants to play with honor and honesty. This is why I was confused to hear that he was on the villains tribe. Since when does dancing to the best of your own drummer (and band) make you a villain? Either way Coach gets rattled by the things people do and probably was overwhelmed by the evilness and backstabbing that happens on a series with all stars.

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Many people are thrown off when playing an all stars; they do not expect the level of game and the cutthroat competition. However cutthroat it was in your original season, times that by 100 and you have the level of backstabbing on an “all stars.” We saw this crack Coach in this episode. He had a bit of a meltdown, cried, and lost it for a minute.

It happens to A LOT of us! What I thought was odd was Boston Rob (who is supposed to be his ally) telling him to suck it up and act like a man. Ah ha “double standard-itis” strikes! This is the same guy who broke down in tears a few weeks ago. This is also the same guy who criticized people like Russell for sleeping next to the their allies when he slept next to Parvati, then doing the same thing a few nights later.

Practice what you preach people. We need to get this tribe a vaccine for this virus stat.

There is not much to say about the challenges; there is a recap on Fancast if you want a detailed challenge refresher. The reward challenge was a cross between a wet t-shirt contest and bingo. The immunity challenge, won by the villains, allowed the Survivors to know what its like to be a hamster running around in a giant ball. What was more interesting was tribal council, and isn’t it always. For the first time in a long time we saw Jeff really rip into a contestant.

When Rupert tried to play the “I’m a hero and will play like it” card Jeff tore into him. Jeff basically told Rupert he is full of crap and he was sick of hearing this hero stuff. I was surprised by this but also entertained. I so often think the same thing and I get annoyed hearing people saw they never want to lie or cheat to win. It’s Survivor people, that’s part of the game! In the end Tom played his newly found idol, saved himself and Colby and Cirie got the first blindside boot of the game.

This was a great episode and I have a feeling from here on out it is only going to get better.

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