Jessica Simpson Tells David Letterman About Her Weight And Love Life

Jessica Simpson on 'The Late Show with David Letterman.'  (CBS)

Jessica Simpson on 'The Late Show with David Letterman.' (CBS)

Jessica Simpson is talking about her weight, and about her love life. Again. It’s not like we haven’t been inundated with this stuff for the past couple of weeks as she promotes her new VH1 TV series, ‘Price of Beauty’, starting March 15.

It’s not like we haven’t already heard Simpson say that she felt “betrayed” by her ex, John Mayer’s crude remarks, or that she’s thankful that another ex, Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan came to her defense, or, as she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday, that she “was embarrassed” and “didn’t want to show my face” last year when the world discovered she had packed on the pounds.

We even paid attention when her hairdresser, Ken Paves said Simpson rarely looks in the mirror anymore.

So on Wednesday, when she spoke about the same stuff with David Letterman on ‘The Late Show,’ the normal reaction would be thanks but no thanks, we’ve already heard that. But guess what? (Ugh, this is embarrassing to admit.) For better or worse, or perhaps because we don’t have anything better to do, we listened to on every self-promoting, self-absorbed word. We pretended we were being empowered. And now you can, too:

On ‘The Late Show,’ Letterman held up the much talked about “mom jeans” photo of Simpson from last year, which had media speculating about her weight. Simpson said, “It ended up being some sort of controversy for a year…Unfortunately, people were talking about my weight for a year.” “And that’s it, that’s what we’re worried about?” Letterman asked, referring to the photo. Simpson joked, “Yeah, that’s the fat woman in Hollywood, apparently.” “Really,” Letterman said, “Well, that looks fine to me, for heaven’s sakes.” “Hey, it was fine to me,” Simpson said, “I was confident. I wouldn’t have been on stage if I wasn’t confident.” “But did you react to this?” Letterman asked, “Did you say, ‘Oh, maybe I should lose weight,’ or what happened?” “Well, normally you would think that I’d become anorexic after what everybody was saying about me,” Simpson said, “but I just decided to eat more…Why not? Enjoy life.”

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The host then asked her about her recent romantic relationships, including ex-boyfriend Tony Romo, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, who she dated for two years. “Tony is great, still a dear friend of mine,” she said. She said she’s still a big Cowboys fan and added, “I still look at his cute butt in the outfit…He’s a good guy.” “What is that like, to have a champion quarterback and you dating and stuff?” Letterman asked. “It’s great,” Simpson said. “I’m from Texas, so we’re all about football. I actually got to live a pretty normal life when I dated Tony, other than the whole ‘jinx’ situation. But I got to live a normal life, go on dates and no paparazzi…” “Then, what happened,” Letterman asked, “What went wrong?” “I don’t know,” Simpson replied, “You’d have to ask him that. He broke up with me on my birthday.” “Talk about a fumble,” Letterman joked. Later in the interview, when Letterman asked if she still has feelings for Romo, Simpson remarked, “I will always adore Tony. He’s going to be one of my friends for life, for sure.”

Letterman then brought up John Mayer who Simpson said she was also with for two years, and she joked, “Two years, I guess that’s my limit.” Simpson said they’d met at a party when they were at the same record label, and Letterman asked if they’d then dated and fell in love. “Yes, absolutely,” Simpson replied. “And then what happened there?” Letterman asked. “Well, we broke up a lot,” Simpson said, “a lot.” Letterman also asked her about Mayer’s comments about her in his now-infamous Playboy interview, in which he called her “sexual napalm.” Simpson said, “Yeah, I mean, normally you would think that somebody you care about would keep those intimate details to himself…I mean, it was definitely a compliment, in a way, but I don’t really want people to know that about me. That’s, you know, I’m like the good girl and then that happens.” “Well, I think it’s – you can be both,” Letterman said, and Simpson replied, “Yeah, but that’s the thing – I am…but he gave away my game.” Simpson said that she has not talked to Mayer since the article came out, but that “I will always care about him. I think he’s a great person, a great musician, but I was very disappointed by the article.”

Bravo, Ms. Simpson, but what about that dress? We’re not sure about that school teacher look.

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