‘Modern Family’s’ Two-Dads Taking “Small Steps” with Their Physical Relationship

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet on 'Modern Family' (ABC)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet on 'Modern Family' (ABC)

When will ‘Modern Family’s’ popular gay two-dad couple get to the on-screen loving?

One of the couple’s dads, Eric Stonestreet, who is heterosexual in real life, says it may happen … eventually.

“I know there have been people that have said we are not physically intimate enough with each other,” Stonestreet said at Friday’s PaleyFest 2010 event for the hit ABC show, when asked by an audience member when the couple will hook up. “I think we are in the midst of raising a baby. Right now, in the beginning stages of the show, [producers] Chris [Lloyd] and Steve [Levitan] and the creators, they have an arc to the show that is hopefully a long, big, building arc.”

Amid audience laughs, Stonestreet joked, “You’re going to see everything you can ever imagine for [them]. We’re going to have sex.”

Stonestreet and on-screen partner Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who play Cameron and Mitchell, have a baby daughter on ‘Modern Family,’ which is currently in its first season and drawing about 10 million viewers a week.

“Me and Eric, we are kind of like the intimacy police,” Ferguson told Fancast on the black carpet before the panel discussion of the couple’s physicality. “We want to make sure that we are not forgetting that they are a couple, and they are intimate. Without maybe turning off people who are – it’s a touchy subject. Because it is, it’s new and risky. Fortunately, it’s paid off. And I think people really respond to the characters.”

Ferguson sums, “We are taking small steps with them.”

Stonestreet also explained the show’s plan to Fancast.

“There have been some complaints that we are not affectionate enough or whatever,” he says. “We don’t even think about that stuff. We are a family raising a child, and we are cool with that.”

Watch a sneak peek from Wednesday’s episode below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Modern-Family/104524/1435067784/Sneak-Peek%3A-My-Sucky-Boss/embed 580 476]
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