Kendra’s New Life: From Hugh to Hank

Kendra Wilkinson (E!)

Kendra Wilkinson (E!)

Kendra Wilkinson has grown up faster than a lot of women her age. Now married to NFL player Hank Baskett and mother to their son, Hank IV, Kendra is embracing this new stage in her life.

With season two of her E! reality series ‘Kendra‘ premiering Sunday (March 14 at 10 pm), Wilkinson sat down for an interview with Fancast to explain how her perspective has changed since her days as a Playboy pinup, party girl, and Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend.

After meeting Hank Baskett at a Playboy golf tournament, Kendra knew she was smitten but, because she was still Hef’s girlfriend at the time, she quietly dated Baskett until it was time to move out of the mansion. “Hef was moving on, and throughout the whole relationship with Hef it was just, friends. I wasn’t going to sit there and think Hef’s going to be my ‘boyfriend’ forever. It’s only fair if I go out there and date, especially if it’s him [Baskett], who’s a great man and I wasn’t going to give him up.”

There are no hard feelings between Hefner and Kendra, who recently brought her baby son Hank to the mansion to meet Hefner for the first time. “Hef is still a huge part of our lives, and the second we hit L.A we definitely wanted to bring little Hank there and get pictures of him and Hef.”

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Kendra remains grateful to Playboy for every experience it has brought into her life, including the introduction to her husband Baskett, but believes that she was destined for marriage and motherhood from the start. Asked where she would be now in her life had she never met Hef and been part of Playboy, she explains: “Before meeting Hef, I was actually with a guy and we were talking about getting married. I would probably be married with kids- with kids who are a lot older because this was seven years ago, but I’d probably still be in San Diego.”

Although many young mothers sometimes regret going up so fast, Kendra is not one of them. “I think I lived every stage of my life. Even before I knew I was pregnant, I was slowing down with the party days anyways. I grew up, and I’m not like that anymore.” She does admit that she has some regrets some of the heartache she put her own other through. “I was the greatest kid, until I hit about twelve years old, and then that’s when all my bad days came. I regret the way I treated her, ya, but now me and my mom have the best relationship we’ve ever had and it makes me appreciate her a million times more.”

Kendra and Hank, who recently moved back to California from Indianapolis, are perfectly content with their quiet home life. On the rare occasion the couple has time away from the baby and their busy careers, how do they unwind? “We go to jazz clubs!”

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