Spoiler Alert! ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Script Secrets Revealed

'Brothers & Sisters' Stars Gilles Marini and Rachel Griffiths (ABC)

'Brothers & Sisters' Stars Gilles Marini and Rachel Griffiths (ABC)

If you don’t want to know what’s in store for Rachel Griffith’s character (Sarah) on ABC’s ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ watch out, because RadarOnline.com has the exclusive scoop.

Sarah is the character that every career woman can identify with. She’s trying to balance it all and has been unlucky in love. She’s divorced; she had sex with a co-worker and now the love of her life Gilles Marini’s character Luc is in about to be deported. But, keep reading, because RadarOnline.com has some inside information.

Sexy Pictures Of Gilles Marini

Gilles, who first won the hearts of women everywhere when he took a shower in the ‘Sex in the City‘ movie, is on the show for good, a source tells RadarOnline.com.

“He’s very excited that he has this new contract” the source says about the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Season 8 finalist.

Gilles Marini Thinks He Could Take Mike Tyson In A Fight

On the show, Gilles (Luc) has four weeks until he has to be deported back to France, because his visa is up. He was about to marry a friend, but Rachel (Sarah) broke up the wedding.

So, since he’s staying on the show– that means he either marries Rachel (Sarah) or wins the green card lottery.

Gilles Marini Hot Tuesday Nights- Hotter Than Usual

And don’t expect him to be taking off his clothes and strutting around the pool, “Gille’s wants to be known for his acting not his brawn,” the source tells RadarOnline.com

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