‘Today Show’ Guest-Host Stunt: Four Hunks and a Clunk

Former Teen Heartthrobs Kirk Cameron and Jason Priestley (Getty Images)

Former Teen Heartthrobs Kirk Cameron and Jason Priestley (Getty Images)

In an effort to heat up morning television, NBC’s ‘The Today Show‘ show rolled out a line-up of ‘Five All-Time Favorite Hunks’ that will join Hoda Kotb as guest co-hosts during the fourth hour of ‘Today’ next week. The former teen dreams will share hosting responsibilities with Hoda, participate in news of the day discussions and conduct celebrity interviews.

It’s a sizzling idea and NBC almost got it right.

On Monday the sexy brooding, race-car driving Jason Priestley of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210‘ will serve as guest co-host, followed by ‘Growing Pains‘ cutie Kirk Cameron, ‘Melrose Place‘ hunk Andrew Shue, ‘The Karate Kid‘ Ralph Macchio and Alan Thicke.

You read that right, Alan Thicke.

I missed the memo stating that the 63-year-old Canadian actor best known as Jason Seaver, the patriarch of the ’80s’ sitcom ‘Growing Pains’ is a heartthrob. Theme-song composer, check, doting TV-dad, sure. But Hollywood Heartthrob, I don’t think so. Perhaps Larry David, Jason Alexander and Larry King were too busy?

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