‘House’s Cameron & Chase: “There Is a Resolution”

Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison on House (FOX)

Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison on House (FOX)

The big question of whether ‘House‘s beloved paring of Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) will reconcile or not finally be answered very shortly.

As we previously reported, Morrison returns to the show on April 12 after the on-air pair split up earlier this season over Chase’s unethical actions with a genocidal dictator. We sat down with Spencer this week and he told Fancast that the episode is “pretty emotional.”

“She comes back and obviously they talk about their relationship, what it is and what’s going to happen,” says Spencer. “He’s still heartbroken and we’ve seen him acting out. He became paranoid about his relationship with Cameron and he is questioning if the relationship actually meant something or was it just the idea of two people being attracted to each other and filling in the blanks in their head? That continues when Cameron comes back.”

But, the question of will they reconcile or will they remain broken up remains. “I can say this, there is a resolution for sure. It’s not a gray area. Something happens and they have something, uh, together,” he blushed. “I can’t say more. I’m more worried about my job!”

The episode Morrison returns on is titled “Lockdown” and marks star Hugh Laurie’s directorial debut. “You don’t know what to expect when you have your lead actor directing you,” says Spencer. “But he was brilliant, of course. Hugh didn’t over-direct. He would give you none little note. He’s a natural born leader.”

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