‘Chuck’ Star: Morgan Is Now Alfred to His Batman

Joshua Gomez with Zachary Levi (NBC)

Joshua Gomez with Zachary Levi (NBC)

NBC’s ‘Chuck‘ (Mondays at 8/7c) uncorked an awesome development last week: BFF Morgan is now privy to Chuck’s top-secret spy job. What does it mean for the boys’ bromance? Fancast “debriefed” Joshua Gomez on this latest twist, and also sought out the scoop on an MIA character’s upcoming return.

When did you first find out that Morgan would be learning Chuck’s secret?
I think it was between seasons. See, Morgan can keep a secret!

Were you happy with Morgan’s reaction? Do you feel it was true to character?
Yeah, I was happy we didn’t get bogged with, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me….” I think the fans feel the same way; so far, their reaction has been very positive. After all, it is pretty true to the character [to think,] “This is the coolest thing on the planet!”

What’s cool is that Chuck no longer has to lie to Morgan. The longer he did that, the less we tended to like him and the worse we felt for Morgan.
I’m glad to hear you feel that way. They wanted that to be resolved for a while, but you couldn’t do it too soon. Awesome found out last year, but he has so much more at stake with Ellie and the danger of all that. Morgan is the one guy who can be Alfred to Chuck’s Batman. He can make Chuck a spot of tea as he tells about his day. Awesome is a great character, but he’s not Chuck’s boy!

How was it to be directed by Zach Levi? It was a terrific episode, and the consensus among critics seems to be that he did a fine job.
Thank you so much. Whoever thought of how to connect all these worlds together did a genius job. And to have Zach direct such a big, important episode for the ‘Chuck’ mythology was a really nice gesture. He did a great job. And because it was Zach, the cast and the crew rallied. That’s not to say we don’t do that for other directors, but there was something special going on. We were supporting our guy. So to hear you all reacting the way you did to it is really, really gratifying.

This week’s episode kicks off with Morgan “staked out” outside Casey’s apartment. Does he now fancy himself as a spy-in-training?
You’ll see, as the episodes progress, that he finds himself in some fun situations. Now that he knows, he’s like, “OK, what’s our next job?” That’s how Morgan approaches life. Sitting on the sidelines is not what he does.

When the show got picked up for Season 3, there was some concern we’d see less of the Buy More guys. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Yeah, there’s still a lot of fun to be had there. After [the season finale], there was the question of how different a show is it going to be? And it is different, and one of the cool things about our show is that these characters have changed, and they to continue to change. There are some big differences, tonally, coming up. But it’s still the Buy More and the same crew. They’ll always find ways to keep that going.

Does a small part of you wish Morgan was part of Jeffster?
[Laughs] I don’t know, I don’t know…. I think he’s fine watching those two just do their thing.

I heard that Julia Ling is coming back as Anna Wu….
I can neither confirm nor deny…. I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about certain things….

Well, she revealed it on Twitter a few weeks ago.
Oh, did she? Then fine, yes, she is coming back. [Laughs] Yeah, Anna fell for some chef in Hawaii or something and stayed there, while Morgan came home, so it’s a fun little storyline when she comes back.

Does she try to reignite the flame?
A little bit. But now she’s dealing with a different man!

Morgan last week was the first character to bluntly shill for Subway. Was that somewhat of an honor?
Yes, it was. [Laughs] I know there was a ton of rumors that maybe Sarah would even be working at Subway [this season]…. They’ve been such a supporter of our show, it’s cool we can work them in with that fun little “wink.”

Before we go, give me one more tease about what’s coming up for Morgan.
I’m really, really excited because [Morgan learning Chuck’s secret] kicks off a great run of episodes, now that these worlds are tied together. Morgan really gets up in it, so there’s fun to be had. From [episodes] 310 to 319 is a wild ride for ‘Chuck’ fans. It’s definitely a wild ride.

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