Former ‘Bad Girl’ Prepares to Play ‘Love Games’

Amber Meade (Oxygen)

Amber Meade (Oxygen)

Amber Meade, a self-proclaimed “small town girl from Minnesota”, endured her fair share of drama as one of the stars of the Oxygen Network’s ‘The Bad Girls Club’. As she prepares for the season premiere of ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too’ (March 16, 11 p.m.), her new Oxygen reality dating show featuring her and fellow ‘Bad Girls’ Kendra and Sarah as they search for love, it seems Meade has come into her own. It is hard to imagine how producers cast her as a ‘Bad Girl’ to begin with, as she seems quite the opposite. In our interview, she discusses life after the ‘Bad Girls Club’, her dating past, the pitfalls of being on reality television, and what’s to come in the new season of ‘Love Games’.

Were things better with Sarah on ‘Love Games’ than they were on ‘Bad Girls Club’?
Yeah, it was so much better. We actually have a really close friendship now. On ‘Bad Girls Club’, we were in a different place in our lives; we were a lot younger and more immature, but we learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. The second time around, we were able to talk about everything that happened, and sort of bond over certain things. We’re at the point where we can agree to disagree.

How did you three girls get along on the new season of ‘Love Games’?
There were definitely moments of jealousy and normal catty-girl stuff. But I think we got along really well compared to my experiences with ‘The Bad Girls Club’. On that show, there was all this arguing and fighting and drama, but we had more of a friendship on this show.

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Were there any fights over guys on ‘Love Games’? Did any of the girls have guys that they liked in common?
It was great for all us girls to go through the dating process together, because it’s pretty difficult to date thirteen guys at once. As much as it seems fun, I was completely overwhelmed, and it was great to have the girls to talk with and to help each other. Then again, it does come to the point where you both like the same guy and there’s jealousy. It’s very natural for girls to get jealous, especially when one girl is on a date with a guy and they’re kissing while we’re sitting there watching. It’s inevitable.

What’s your “type”? What kind of guy were you looking for while you were there?
Oh my gosh, I like everything! I don’t really discriminate. I’m a personality girl; I usually find guys that work really well with me, like nice guys. I like good people in general, so if a guy is an a**hole it’s going to turn me off very quick. I like a sweet type of guy.

What were your past relationships like? Have you ever gotten your heart broken?
No, I really haven’t. I’ve had very few boyfriends in my life. I’ve broken a few hearts I guess you could say? Having a guy bawl his eyes out when you are breaking up with him hurts, and I really don’t enjoy breaking guys’ hearts so I kind of stopped dating. I date guys, then all of a sudden I’m just sick of them and bored with it, and I just want to move on, but then I have to let the guy know and let him down easy. I don’t like making guys sad, so I kind of just stopped dating.

What impressions would you hope viewers will have of you?
On ‘Bad Girls Club’, the way I was portrayed, even though I didn’t realize it, was that I seem pretty strong. I think of myself pretty well now, but I feel like I was the weakest I’ve ever been in my life on that show. What I’d love viewers to see is my more serious side, the side of me where I open up more because on ‘Bad Girls Club’, I was more in protection mode. I figured they would just use any weakness or anything I told them against me. It didn’t really help me gain the best friendships, and if Sarah and I hadn’t done ‘Love Games’ we wouldn’t be as close now. If I had opened up maybe we could have been closer a lot sooner. I think on ‘Love Games’ you are going to see me be a whole person rather than only the sides I wanted to show.

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What was the craziest challenge you had the guys do on the show?
There were sooo many crazy ones! I really like our first one.  The first day they showed up we had them strip down in their underwear right on the set. That one was fun and shocking for them. Another one of my favorite challenges was when we had them prove their devotion. I think that one was my favorite; it was more towards the end of the show and we had the guys do things to prove how much they do really like us or care for us.

Do you think you found a guy that you are interested in through the show?
I don’t know how much I can answer that question, but it definitely helped me in the dating world. We couldn’t have asked for better guys. As bad as it sounds, I would think on a dating show it would just be a bunch of idiots that want to be on TV and try to be players or look cool. [But] They were really sweet, very funny, and they all had good characteristics about them. There were definitely guys on there that you could fall for. There was something for everyone.

Are you friends with anyone else from ‘Bad Girls Club’ anymore?
Yeah, well, it’s funny. I figured that once the girls watched the season and they saw that I wasn’t….I think a lot of the problems between the “Fab 5” and Amber and I were based on not trusting us, but that was my problem with all of them. I didn’t even trust Amber on the show. Just being in an experience where people can hurt you, they probably thought I was doing so many things behind their back and I really wasn’t. I did a little trash talking, we all did, but I thought once they watched it and saw that I wasn’t being malicious or trying to hurt them, they would come around. I really don’t have any relationship with any of the girls except for Sarah and Kayla. Kayla and I are friends now. Sarah, though, I think is friends with all the girls except for Amber.

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