Rielle Hunter Tells Barbara Walters Her GQ Photos Are “Repulsive”

John Edwards' Mistress Rielle Hunter on the Cover of GQ (Photo: GQ magazine)

John Edwards' Mistress Rielle Hunter on the Cover of GQ (Photo: GQ magazine)

Rielle Hunter is upset with her racy photos featured in the new issue of GQ in which she breaks her silence on the John Edwards scandal. Edwards’ former mistress and mother of his child expressed her regrets during a telephone conversation with Barbara Walters.

On Monday’s episode of ‘The View,’ Walters revealed that Hunter was “in tears when she called and said that when she saw the pictures in GQ she screamed for two hours.”

Hunter, 45, granted a lengthy interview and accompanying photo spread to GQ magazine in which she details her affair with former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. One photo depicts Rielle lying in bed holding her two-year-old daughter with Edwards, Frances Quinn, 2, while wearing sweatpants. In another shot, she’s wearing no pants, just a classic, white men’s button down Oxford shirt, while sitting next to a pile of stuffed animals, looking about as lost as a grown-up Britney Spears.

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In her conversation with Walters, Hunter claims she just “went with the flow” while working with “brilliant photographer” Mark Seliger, but the magazine selected certain images to “hit one note.” She says she was hoping some of the beautiful head shots she also posed for would have been included in the feature.

According to People, the author of the article, Lisa DePaulo, said she spoke with Hunter Sunday evening. “She said she liked the interview, but she had mixed feelings about the photos,” DePaulo says. “She loves the pictures of her and Quinn, but was definitely unsure about what she should have done about the other photos. I think in time she will come to see those photos as beautiful. I think it’s cool that’s she’s pretty and sexy.”

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