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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

I’ve heard that the ‘Bones‘ fan base is gong to be split over the 100th episode. What do you think? Do we need to prepare ourselves with liquor? – dovepage via Twitter
I’d go easy on the sauce, if only because there are scenes you definitely won’t want to forget the morning after. If you are of age and do imbibe, I suggest tequila as an exceptionally appropriate choice, considering… well, you’ll see.

Can I bribe you with a case of wine to spill the beans on the ‘Bones’ flashback episode? – Christine
What’s with all the booze talk? No amount of merlot would be able to soothe sting I’d feel from Fox if I spilled too much, but I’ll tease you with this:
* Brennan does something – twice – that turns Booth on a bit.
* As Booth works his first case with Brennan, Caroline Julian is moved to note: “Watching you two together is like being at prom!”
* Bones shares with a gal pal, regarding new acquaintance Booth: “I do respond to the breadth of his shoulders and his strong jawline.” Swoon.

When is the 100th episode of ‘Bones’ airing? – Kimberley
Oh yeah, that: The date is April 8. Oh, and did I mention that when Michaela Conlin told The Big Tease (eighth item) that Angela was a “forensics artist” before joining up with the Jeffersonian, she was, um, stretching the truth? Not unless “forensic artists” work on sidewalks drawing pictures of kids with giant heads riding skateboards.

Any scoop on the next episode of ‘CSI: NY‘? I believe it will be huge for Stella. – madejlaf via Twitter
You would believe right. For starters, CBS’ logline for “Rest In Peace, Marina Garito,” airing April 7, reads: “When a woman linked to an unsolved murder is found dead, the evidence and autopsy suggest a suicide, but Stella is unconvinced and risks her life to pursue the case.” (That possibly explains this photo of Melina Kanakaredes rehearsing a scene underwater.) And then there is this: Moran Atias (‘Crash’), who guest-stars as the titular Marina, tells me the episode is “one of the most exciting TV episodes I’ve ever read. There’s an action sequence of a large-screen scale, high emotions, and great suspense. I can’t wait to see it.” Atias adds that Melina is “an extremely generous actress,” and paired with director Allison Liddi-Brown, the experience was “truly about women helping women, which probably breaks the cliché of the opposite.”

Thank you so much for talking to Jodi Lyn O’Keefe about her role on ‘Lost.’ But was that really all she revealed? – Abigail
That was all she revealed about ‘Lost,’ yes. But then she gave me this little exclusive: “I’m shooting an episode of ‘Two and a Half Men‘ next week, where I come back as Isabella. I am so excited about that, I can hardly stand it.” As you may know, Jodi and ‘Men’/’Big Bang Theory’ boss Chuck Lorre go back a ways, ergo her guest stints on both of his current CBS hits. “He includes me in what he’s doing, always,” O’Keefe notes, “and I feel so grateful because sitcoms are what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life.”

Do you have any ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ scoop for MerDer fans? – goellengo via Twitter
Not this week, no, but I will seize this opportunity to segue into a semi-related factoid: 58 percent of those who commented on the ‘Katherine Heigl Is Done with ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ story said they were fine (if not downright happy) with the actress negotiating an early out. I found that… interesting.

What’s coming up on ‘Fringe‘ when it comes back in April? – Anjali
I’ve had power outage issues due to the mammoth rainstorm that smacked us here on the East Coast, so I turned to Fancast senior editor Brian Gianelli to tease the show’s much-anticipated April 1st return. “We learn two big secrets: how Nina Sharpe really lost her arm, and why the Observer saved Peter from drowning,” Brian says. “We also meet Walter’s former lab assistant.” All told, Brian says, the episode is teeming with “great stuff.”

Did Kristin Kreuk get a gig on ‘Fringe’? I thought I read that somewhere. – PiloteXYZ via Twitter
That’d be a kick-ass combo, for sure, and while there was a rumor about such a thing some time ago, it was never based in fact, multiple sources assure me. Rather, KK is busy shooting Josh Schwartz’s new comedy pilot. Speaking of Josh….

Chuck‘ seems to be starting to get his mojo back. But as Morgan pointed out in “Chuck vs. The Beard,” there’s one thing missing from Chuck’s life – Sarah. So I ask you: Will we see Chuck make a play to win back the woman he loves? – Mike
Let’s just say that in next week’s episode, Chuck brings up with Sarah that fateful train station rendezvous in Prague. Cue waterworks.

Is ‘Chuck’ writing out Awesome and Ellie? I hope not. – Alicia_Marie76 via Twitter
That’s what the show had me thinking, too – then again, I’m also the patsy who believed Awesome had been killed off at the end of this season’s third episode. Next week, Ellie ponders her hubby’s’s Doctors Without Borders plan. The decision she makes might not help your anxiety.

Do you think ‘House‘s Chase and Thirteen will hook up soon? I love them together. – IrisWoo via Twitter
I too have noticed (and enjoyed) their increasing closeness in recent weeks. But any such hook-up seems a bit down the road, or at least not until Chase and Cameron have their well-scooped face-to-face on April 12. “She comes back and obviously they talk about their relationship, what it is and what’s going to happen,” Jesse Spencer told Fancast. “He’s still heartbroken.”

I just met a minor character featured in ‘The Pacific,’ so I’m guessing he doesn’t die. It’s like I’ve got my very own spoiler. – MaryaWord via Twitter
I suppose, but did you know this: The WWII vet you met soon will be embroiled in a sizzling real-life romance with a V.A. hospital nurse played by Rena Sofer! (P.S. Anyone who missed the first episode of ‘The Pacific’ can watch it here on Fancast.)

You can join the group “24 Kiefer Sutherland Jack Bauer Fans Support ‘24‘ for a 9th Season” by clicking here. – K2293 via Twitter
I’ll respectfully pass. Though I’ve been a ’24’ megafan since Day 1, I’d rather Jack take his high-octane adventures to the Cineplex and in doing so pave the way for ‘Lie to Me’ or ‘Human Target’ to get a pick-up from Fox instead.

Now that ’24’ has been canceled, you may as well give out the spoilers. – debra
Well gee, when you put it like that… uh, no. After all, it has yet to be officially announced that this is ’24’s final season. (And as an aside, the rumor that NBC might keep the clock ticking for Jack Bauer appears to have very little merit.) That said, I will share with you these scooplets: Renee is about to head back out into the field;  Secretary of State Ethan Kanin soon will resurface; and the three hours airing across April 5 and 12 are, I hear, this season’s best. Real classic ’24’ fare.

I guess I was one of the few who tuned into Fox’s ‘Sons of Tucson.’ Can you reward me with some scoop? – Kelli
Good for you for giving the show a chance! Me, I was a bit surprised to hear that sexy schoolteacher Maggie won’t figure into the larger plan a la some “Will they/Wont they” thing with Tyler Labine’s Ron. “It didn’t seem that we were spending much time at school,” explains exec producer Todd Holland, so Natalie Martinez will only pop up in “a couple of episodes.” Instead, the show’s main female character will be the wife of Ron’s best bud, to be played by Sarayu Rao (‘Big Bang Theory’).

Can you give us ‘Smallville‘ fans any scoop on how the Red Kryptonite ties into Metallo’s return? – Mickey
You know how Clark usually makes a mistake when “on” Red K? Well, the April 16th episode, “Upgrade,” is no different – save for the ominous fact that this time around, his reckless gaffe on a grander level, involving the Fortress, Zod and Metallo.

In the ‘Smallville’ episode “Upgrade,” are both Zod and Clark infected with Red Kryptonite? – WendySue
Nope, Zod is spared infection. Speaking of ‘Upgrade,” I’m hearing that Brian Austin Green is extra-awesome in his encore… and that he has some moments with Erica Durance that will ruffle a certain fan base’s feathers.

Any idea if Maura Tierney might be doing some more ‘Rescue Me‘? – Tara
‘Rescue Me’ exec producer Peter Tolan did suggest as much in this New York Post piece – and it could come to be. But as of right now, a source tells me, the FX drama is shooting two seasons back-to-back and Maura did not appear in the first one.

I heard that CBS was moving ‘Accidentally on Purpose‘ to Wednesday, but it hasn’t been on. Has it been canceled? – Emerson
No, Billie and Zack are still expecting. The freshman sitcom claims its new time slot on March 31, starting with a “refresher course” repeat. Then on April 7, we get a new episode guest-starring Olivia Munn as the babe of a baby nurse that Zack hires.

I am sad to hear that Paul Schneider is leaving ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Please tell me I don’t have to worry about losing Chris Pratt, too. – Lori
I must tell you that you will be seeing less of Pratt – but in a good way. “Chris has been working out and losing weight, and you’ll see in the last few episodes of the season that he looks super-hunky,” ‘Parks & Rec’ boss Michael Schur told me. As a result, “You will see why April is so into him, but in a more obvious way.”

Any info on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC America? Is this the last season for this talk show host? – Roz
Yeah, I’m down with some British-flavoured scoop. Alas, it’s bad news, Roz. “Unfortunately, Jonathan Ross has decided he will not be renewing his contract with the BBC when it comes to end in July,” a network rep tells me. “This means that the last new episode from the current season of ‘Friday Nights with Jonathan Ross’ will air on BBC America on July 23rd.”

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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