The Drama Club: ‘FlashForward’ Stars Talk Destiny & Fate

FlashForward (ABC)

FlashForward (ABC)

‘FlashForward’ was one of the fall’s biggest new hits.

The sprawling series that chronicles what happens after everyone on earth blacks outs and has a brief vision of their future was touted as the next ‘Lost.’

The pilot was brilliant, but subsequent episodes proved less compelling and the ratings began to decline.

New showrunners were brought in to get FastForward back on track.

Tonight, ABC is running a clip show to refresh viewers memories before new episodes return on Thursday.

The second half of the season builds to the day everybody saw in their Flash Forwards, April 29th.  But, as this preview shows, there may be more blackouts in the future.

I spoke with cast members about the second half of the season at the Paley Fest event honoring the show last Thursday.

John Cho (ABC)

John Cho (ABC)

John Cho (Demetri): Stoner Fans Are Louder Than Sci-Fi Fans

Can you give us a hint what happens to Demetri on March 15, the date of his supposed death?

You do find out whether I live or die. I found out.  I can’t tell you more than that.  Now, it’s not going to be a complete surprise because there’s only two options.  However, the journey there was a surprise to me.

The obvious question is why isn’t he wearing a bullet proof vest all the time?

That’s what everybody asks.  Demetri is a guy who needs to get involved in things.  His fiance wants them to go away, but that’s not his style, which causes problems in their relationship.

What about his relationship with Mark?

It’s complicated by the arrival of Michael Ealy’s character, Vogel.  They’re forced to work together.  Meanwhile there’s a shadow cast over Mark.  Their partnership is getting put through the ringer.

In some ways they’re the central relationship of the show.

Yeah.  I felt like Harold & Kumar was a dude love story.  You always have to identify what the love story is that you’re telling and there’s a few love stories [in the show].  But that’s one of the main ones.

Speaking of Harold & Kumar, who is the more interesting group of fans: stoner fans or sci-fi fans?

The stoner fans are a louder group, but the sci-fi fans come up with the harder questions.  I always worry they’re going to ask a question which reveals my idiocy.

The big one is, if the FBI is aware of the Flash Forward in the Flash Forwards, wouldn’t March 29th have been this pre-hyped day like Y2K, which would mean that everyone would be prepared for it, thereby preventing all of the destruction?

Why don’t you ask me a weed question?

Where’s the best place in L.A. to get medical marijuana?

My house.

Jack Davenport (ABC)

Jack Davenport (ABC)

Jack Davenport (Lloyd): Lloyd Makes The Best of a Bad Lot

Lloyd was  kidnapped at the end of the last episode. Is he going to escape?

He’s not hugely enjoying being half dead and thrown in a dark cellar. He makes the best of a bad lot. He’s there for as long as he has to be there.

When are he and Olivia going to hook up?

Who’s to say that they are going to? That’s one of the main questions really, isn’t it? One of the big questions of the show is free will, is it inevitable? One of the interesting things about their relationship or their non-relationship is their situation is pretty complicated.  Lloyd is a man of science.  There is probably a fairly rational explanation for what happened or does he say, “Well, maybe not so much?” There’s a certain amount of back and forth.

Is the company he works for responsible for the Flash Forward?

He works at a facility where there is a large atom collider and at the precise moment that the blackout occurred they were smashing huge numbers of atoms into each other at gigantic speeds.  As a result he believes that they did it.

Has it been difficult working for a show that has had three different showrunners?

There have been no changes for us.  We just carry on filming.  It’s very much the nature of this business.  There’s always a certain amount of personnel pull- throughs.  I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary at all.

Sonya Walger (ABC)

Sonya Walger (ABC)

Sonya Walger (Olivia): Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and Olivia Are Not Swingers

What is going to happen to Olivia in the March 18 episode?

She’s going to be dealing with the repercussions of Lloyd being abducted.  She’s got her hands full with the FBI.  She’s being debriefed.  She’s trying to explain to Mark what she’s doing.  They’re in pretty deep in terms of their marriage.

It’s interesting because the problems in their marriage are based solely on the knowledge that there will be problems in their marriage in the future.

You wonder whether it shows the problems in their relationship anyway or whether [the Flash Forward] simply created them out of nothing.

Are Olivia and Lloyd going to fight destiny or embrace it?

I think it will probably be a question of both.  She definitely is going to fight it to the bitter end. You’ll have to see whether they end up together or not.

Who would you like to have scenes with that you haven’t worked with yet?

I love Michael Ealy (Vogel). He’s an old friend of mine and Michael and I have yet to do a scene together.

I read some joking speculation on-line that Mark and Olivia were swingers, and that’s why she was with Lloyd in her Flash Forward.  Any chance that’s what happened? It would be unexpected.

It totally would, if Mark was like, “The hell with it.  I’ll just be in that bedroom too.”  I think I can safely say that’s not how it pans out.

Courtney Vance (ABC)

Courtney Vance (ABC)

Courtney Vance:  Happy To Spend His Future In The Bathroom

When you read the pilot and learned your character was in the bathroom during his Flash Forward, were you tempted to demand a rewrite?

I don’t often get a chance to do the comic relief so that was nice for me and I trust [series creator] David Goyer.  Some of us on the show weren’t even in the pilot but still agreed to do the show because of him.  On another front, it may not really be what happened.  That may have just been what Stanford said.

What is Stanford’s story going to be in the second half of the season?

We’ll start to find out about some of the threads that we laid in which were for my character the deal between the president and Senator Clemente.  Mark goes rogue to figure out what happened to him.  Supposedly his badge is turned in.  There’s some great action, motorcycle chases, great intrigue.  People I think will be very satisfied.

What would you like to see Stanford do in season two?

I’d like to see him spend a little time outside the office, see my wife and our home and our backstory.

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