Which Kardashian Will Marry Next?

The Kardashian Siblings: Kourtney, Robert and Khloe (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The Kardashian Siblings: Kourtney, Robert and Khloe (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

If there were Vegas-style odds to which Kardashian would be married next, Robert Kardashian Jr.’s would probably be somewhere around a million to one. Yet, that’s not stopping him from predicting he’ll beat his sisters to the altar.

“I guarantee you it will be me,” Robert said to People this weekend in Las Vegas.

It’s hard to imagine the young playboy to be the next sibling to hear wedding bells after Khloe’s whirlwind romance, but Robert might be on to something. Even though both of his sisters Kim and Kourtney are in committed relationships, neither of them seem to be on a quick road to marriage.

Reggie and Kim recently reconciled after a brief split. While the two look happy on the covers of glossy magazine, the issues that stumbled their relationship the first time, busy careers, still hold. Whether or not they’ve worked through those issues is unclear but the two appear to be content to just date for now.

Kourtney on the other hand, has everything but a ring to solidify her family life. She would seem the most likely candidate to next march down the aisle but when considering that spouse would be Scott Disick, her chances fade. Disick, while the father of her son Mason, is as immature as Robert, maybe more.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ documented his childish behavior in Las Vegas where he drunkenly butt heads with family matriarch Kris and had a huge blow out with Kourtney that ended up with her locking him outside of their shared condo. The two are still together however, to the disbelief of fans and most of all Kris.

Robert, meanwhile, just has one small hurtle to clear: finding a wife. While currently single, he has been linked with Vanessa Simmons, daughter of Hip-Hop legend and now reality star Reverend Run Simmons.

Whichever Kardashian ends up getting hitched next, there’s one thing for sure. With the February finale earning an E! Network record 4.8 million viewers, America will be there to watch it all.

When It Comes to the Kardashians, ‘Love Conquers All’:

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