Deep Soap: I Question The Taste Level

Maurice Benard and Lexi Ainsworth in General Hospital (ABC)

Maurice Benard and Lexi Ainsworth in General Hospital (ABC)

Blaming the Victim

Why can’t any crime victims on ‘General Hospital’ tell the truth?  Weeks after Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) claimed that he shot himself when Sonny was the actual perpetrator, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) has claimed that Ethan (Nathan Parsons), not her abusive boyfriend Kiefer (Christian Alexander), beat her half to death.   Given that Kristina was barely conscious when Ethan found her and brought her the hospital, I cannot tell if her memory is blurry and she truly thinks Ethan did it, or if she named him to get revenge for rejecting her and to cover for Keifer.  On Tuesday she recalled the beating, but it was unclear if that was the beginning of her memory coming back or if it was supposed to signal that she was aware that Keifer is the culprit.  If she knows exactly what she is doing, then GH will have managed to make a victim of teen dating violence less than sympathetic.  Kristina is well aware her father is a mob boss who puts out hits on people all the time.

Ethan is also coming across as a huge jerk.  The only times I found the character likable were during his scenes with Kristina.  He was charming when he indulged her crush without stepping over the line.  I rooted for him to be the one who helped Kristina realize that she deserved better than Keifer.  I could even have gotten behind him eventually falling for her for real, despite their age difference.  In order to make him seem guilty, he had to say a lot of terrible things about her like, “Your sister is a spoiled brat who’s gonna get into a lot of trouble if someone doesn’t rein her in.”

I have already read posts on-line condemning Kristina for being a manipulative liar.  GH runs the risk of turning a socially responsible storyline into a storyline that sends the incredibly irresponsible message that women falsely accuse men of abuse.  Since Kristina has yet to have the opportunity to voice her point-of-view we don;t know what she is thinking.  It is possible that she and Dante’s shared DNA leads them to come up with similarly convoluted ways of assigning blame.  Just as Dante hold himself responsible for getting shot by Sonny because he did not follow police protocol, it is possible that in Kristina’s currently painkiller filled mind, only she and Ethan are to blame for Kiefer’s actions.  She is guilty of lying to Kiefer and canceling their date, while Ethan’s rejection led to her being home alone when Kiefer arrived.  The Corinthos inappropriate blame DNA also manifested itself in Sonny (Maurice Benard), who saw this as an opportunity to once again recount how he was locked in a closet as a child while his stepfather beat his mother.  If Dante, who overheard his long lost father’s audition monologue softens his attitude towards him, I will be furious . I would love it if Kristina had murmured, “You know, this happened to me. Not you.”

It’s not that I want this story to be a simplistic afterschool special where Kristina is a living saint. But ABC is promoting this as a ripped from the headline storyline that parents and children should watch together.  If any parents decide to take this suggestion, they are going end up having a long talk about the mixed messages GH is sending out.

Maybe The Writers Also Have Amnesia

Speaking of inappropriate, was I the only one who was creeped out by the Todd and Jessica scenes on Tuesday’s ‘One Life To Live‘?   Jessica (Bree Williamson), who thinks she is 17 again, had her first encounter with her beloved uncle Todd (Trevor St. John).   He started out by giving her some decent advice about getting over her reignited feelings for Christian.  Then he had this to say: “The universe has just handed you a big, fat blank check, right? This amnesia thing, it’s brilliant. It’s like a reset button.”

Yes, Todd, I know how much you love amnesia.  You applied that same tabula rosa philosophy when you kept an amnesiac Marty isolated for months and manipulated her into falling in love with you and having sex with you.   Yes, amnesia allowed you to manipulate the woman you brutally raped. Now you are hoping that your beloved niece similarly manages to make the mental disorder work for her.  The scenes were supposed to be lighthearted.  But because of Todd’s history I found them truly twisted.

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