‘Dancing With the Stars’ Anna Hip Checks Evan Lysacek To the Floor

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya (ABC)

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya (ABC)

Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek, 24, might be known for his amazing balance in the ice skating rink, but that skill is no match for the hip action of his ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ partner Anna Trebunskaya, 29.

“I actually took him off his feet one time,” Trebunskaya tells Fancast. “The guy with the most amazing balance fell just because I moved on his knee. We were working on the Latin hip action and he wasn’t expecting one from me, and he just kind of fell to the floor. It was pretty funny.”

The Russian ballroom and Latin dancer spilled the dirt on her partner’s fear of high heels, his not-so-fluid hips, how his fractured foot is doing, and more…

Do you think you got paired up with Evan because he beat a Russian in the Olympics and you are Russian?
Anna Trebunskaya:
Yeah. I think the producers have good sense of humor and they for sure thought of that too. Evan’s been a good sport about it, though.

Evan is your third athlete. How does he stack up against Jerry Rice and Chuck Liddell?
He’s younger, which helps. Jerry was 40-something. Chuck was 39, and Evan is 24. I think the body can just take more and it’s like when you learn a language they say kids learn the fastest and the younger they are the easier it is to learn new things. There’s a little bit of truth to that in learning dance too. And Evan just came from the Olympics sho he’s in amazing shape. Jerry and Chuck were in midseason or retired. A football player, an MMA fighter, and now a figure skater and how funny it is they are so different but their brains work the same.

Isn’t figure skating like dancing on ice? So did Evan already have decent dancing skills?
You know I was hoping for that. [Laughs] But as I found out when we started practicing, he wasn’t really like a dancer. He’s more of an athlete. He even says he’s always been criticized for not having enough dancing in his skating. I hope he gets something out of it for his future career because it think he still wants to skate.

What has been the hardest move for Evan to learn so far?
It’s definitely been his hips. His hips don’t want to do Latin. They are stuck in triples and quadruples and they just want to be there. Again, he’s young, he’s very eager, and it’s going to improve. But he’s a white boy. Let’s put it that way.

Go behind the scenes with Anna and Evan:

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What is he doing well so far?
: He definitely has a natural sense of movement from skating. He really knows how to travel. He gets that. He knows how to travel from point A to point B.

How is that stress fracture in his foot?
: I think it’s healed, but I am not taking any chances and I am not putting him into the Latin heels right away. We are working to that slowly, and we are building strength around his calves. He does calf raises to build his strength into his ankles and feet.

How does he feel about wearing heels?
He doesn’t quite like it. It’s funny because it throws his balance off. I think it’s a little scary for him, so we’re doing it slowly, like 30 minutes a day.

Some polls say you two are the frontrunners. Are you feeling the pressure?
That definitely puts pressure. When people have these big expectations of you, you don’t want to let them down. You want to prove them right. But at the same time, being on the show for the sixth season, I know that ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is very unpredictable and people that you would never think will be amazing performers and dancers become one, and you just cannot take anything from granted. Work your best and then hope for the best.

How bummed are you that your husband, Jonathan Roberts, isn’t on the show this season?
I am bummed he’s not on. I am bummed that I’m not going to see him as often as I like. But I’m trying to work with the schedule and put things in perspective. There are women who don’t see their husbands for six months because they are off in Iraq and they don’t even know if they ever going to see them again. It’ll be hard, but in the big picture of life it’s just a period that will pass. We’ll make it work. We’re really good with texting and calling. I’ll be in L.A. at least three days out of the week so I’ll stay at home those days. It won’t be that bad. I’ll be exhausted.


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