‘Caprica’ Fembot’s Message to Dad: ‘Go Frak Yourself!’

'Caprica's Alessandra Torresani (Syfy)

'Caprica's Alessandra Torresani (Syfy)

This Friday on Syfy’s ‘Caprica,’ with just two episodes left before the midseason break, Cylon scion Daniel Graystone goes to extremes to coax daughter Zoe into “coming out of her shell” – which in this case means a 500-lb. alloy skeleton.

Zoe struggles not to confirm her father’s suspicion that her digitized self now lives inside the Cylon prototype, even as he takes drastic measures – playing on both of their greatest fears – to orchestrate the outing.

Can any amount of preaching by papa – or gun barrels targeted at loved ones – make Zoe step forth? ‘Caprica’ star Alessandra Torresani is skeptical.

“At this point her father has done so much, she’s not going to let him have [closure],” says the actress. “They’re the same person – and because of that they butt heads – so the more he tries, the more she’s not going to give in.”

Events are unfolding quickly, though, as ‘Caprica’ speeds toward its cliffhanger-filled midseason finale. As such, “It’s almost too late” for Zoe to make her presence known, Torresani admits. That said, she allows for a possible “change of heart” by her alloy-clad alter ego at some point down the road.

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As impressive as ‘Caprica’s special effects is the fact that in upcoming scenes, no matter how earnestly Eric Stoltz delivers Daniel’s impassioned pleas to his progeny, Zoe remains mostly stoic. But how did Torresani herself hold back the tears?

“I’m a crazy Italian,” she explains, “so it takes a lot to get me really emotional – just like the Cylon.”

That resolve of Zoe’s to keep quiet inside her robotic confines “only makes her stronger,” says Torresani, “and more powerful and wanting to say to her father, ‘Go frak yourself!'”

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