‘Dancing With the Stars’ Erin Andrews is Battling “Cute & Fabulous” Demons

Erin Andrews on Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Erin Andrews on Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Pre-show nerves do funny things to strong people. Some, like Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek, 24, plan a way to unleash, while others like ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, 31, hope for the moment to end…and to end quickly.

“I’m pretty nervous,” admits ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ contestant Andrews, who is partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. “I’m just learning the steps, but it’s time for me to add a little pizzazz to it so that is what I’m doing right now. I just want to get it over with. I just want to get the first one over with, call it a day, and start fresh. “And hit up some clubs Monday night,” laughs Lysacek, who is dancing with Anna Trebunskaya when the show stars Monday, March 22 night.

Andrews says her biggest competition isn’t Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin, Shannen Doherty, or the others. “It’s myself right now,” she admits. “I’m battling my own little demons right now, trying to be cute and fabulous so that’s all I’m worried about.

Go behind the scenes with Erin & Maksim:

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Lysacek, on the other hand, feels he’s pretty prepared for his first dance. “I think a lot of the couples are just really excited to get the competition under way and we’ve been training for three weeks,” he says. “We have our steps down and our routines down. It’s kind of the fun part. I think we’re all looking forward to just gauging where we are versus the other couples and getting a feel for the stage. And, for me, learning how my partner works under pressure and what type of athlete that she is.”

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Andrews and Lysacek, who phoned in this morning together to chat about the show with Fancast, say the pressure of ‘Dancing With the Stars” isn’t too far from their “day jobs” as men’s figure skater in the Olympics and ESPN sports reporter. “It’s pretty close to what I do in skating, I have to go out and perform under pressure and this show is the same. We feel a considerable amount of pressure to perform the best that we can in three weeks in the moment that counts the most. For me, I’m just going to review a lot backstage and remember the steps. That’s always a challenge for me, remember exactly where my foot goes and where my partner is. As long as I can remember that, I think the lights, the camera, the crowd, and action will give us more energy and more personality than we had in rehearsal.”

Andrews’ experiences is a tad bit different: “When I’m on the side-lines I’m always in sequins and high heels all the time, my hair is done up and I’m wearing a lot of crazy makeup. It’s nothing like what I do. But it’s a one shot deal and there is pressure. The different is me is I’m always focused on the camera and not all the people around me. But, I don’t know. I just need to get it over!”

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As for the burning question of the week: Erin, how do you feel about your stalker’s sentencing and do you feel safe now? She tells us, “At this moment I feel very safe because I have Evan to my right. I’ve never felt this safe before in my life, but no I wasn’t happy with the sentencing. I don’t think anyone could be happy when they have their sense of security and their personal life ripped apart the way I did. So, 30 months is not enough for me.”

Go behind the scenes with Evan and Anna:

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