HBO’s ‘The Pacific’: Writer Bruce C. McKenna Talks Episode Two Highlights



The acclaimed, 10-part HBO series ‘The Pacific‘ continues tonight with an apt warning from the New York Daily News. Veterans and viewers alike must prepare for a “blood-soaked hell.” asked ‘The Pacific’ co-executive producer and head writer Bruce C. McKenna to provide his take on key moments as the epic series unfolds. We are running them before each new episode. Here is what he said when we asked what viewers should watch for in part two, which airs tonight, Sunday, March 21, on HBO:

“The obvious answer is the big night battle with John Basilone, but I like the end of the episode where he’s talking to J.P. Morgan about thereby for the grace of God go I, because that’s what the episode is about. If you watch the episode carefully you will see almost all the sacraments in it. Confession and baptism…last rights and so on. It’s all about grace. They get out of Guadalcanal, which is their version of grace. So the things to look for in the episode are the little moments, although disguised, that depict the sacraments.”

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