Delany Talks ‘Housewives’ Exit, Teaching ‘Castle’s Kate a Lesson

Dana Delany on 'Castle' (ABC)

Dana Delany on 'Castle' (ABC)

Dana Delany may have left Wisteria Lane last night, but she still hopes to call ABC home. Some 24 hours after ‘Desperate Housewives‘ Katherine Mayfair skipped off to Paris with gal pal Robin in tow, Delany makes her debut on ‘Castle‘ (Mondays at 10/9c), playing an FBI agent who rubs Beckett the wrong way as she helps suss out a serial killer fixated on Rick’s new novel.

Delany gave Fancast the scoop on her ‘Housewives’ future, revealed the lesson she hopes to teach Beckett over the course of ‘Castle’s two-part mystery, and shed light on the other crime solver she’s playing in the ABC pilot ‘Body of Evidence.’

So, did we see ‘Desperate Housewives’ Katherine ride off into the Sapphic sunset last night?
[Laughs] You’re the only person besides me that says that; I like that! Yes, she’s off to “gay Paree.” Right now I’m in Providence, Rhode Island, filming this pilot for ABC, so it’s all sort of up in the air. If the pilot gets picked up, that’d be great. If it doesn’t, hopefully I’ll be invited to “come back” from Paris.

But as far as this season of ‘Housewives,’ you’re done? We’ve seen the last of you?
Who knows? That’s the great thing about [‘Housewives’ creator] Marc Cherry and television; you can do things at the last minute.

But what about poor Nathan Fillion? He told Zap2It he was hoping to check in on his former ‘Housewives’ wife and maybe have some three-way action.
Yeah, well – too bad! And he’s not going to get any of that on ‘Castle.’

Why do you think it is that ‘Housewives’ always has trouble making any fifth housewife stick?
I think that there’s a certain structure, almost like a Greek structure to the writing, where you have these four women. And if you do have a fifth housewife, she has to sort of always circle around the other women and cause trouble for them. It works, and I don’t think they want to mess with that.

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Now you’re fighting crime as ‘Castle’s Jordan Shaw. Why is she so rigid?
That’s just her job. She’s there as an example to show Beckett that you actually can have it all. You can be a kick-ass agent, and you can be married and have a kid…. Beckett doesn’t have to shy away from romance.

So even though Shaw rides Beckett pretty hard, she’s there to serve some greater purpose.
Yes, exactly.

Is Shaw at all susceptible to Castle’s charms? I thought I saw a moment in Part 1 where she’s warming up to him…
Any chemistry between Shaw and Castle is just me and Nathan, our friendship coming through. [Laughs]

Will we learn more about Shaw in Part 2?
Just that she has a husband who’s very supportive, and she relies on him. It’s interesting because the pilot that I’m shooting now is the opposite, which I think is a little more realistic. When a woman works as many hours as Jordan Shaw does or the character I’m playing [on ‘Body of Evidence’], it takes a toll on a marriage.

I was wondering if this ‘Castle’ role was almost an “audition” of sorts, to see how you played a crime solver before ABC went to you with ‘Body of Evidence.’
I think it was an audition that nobody knew was happening. It was one of those odd synergistic things where ABC saw the dailies from ‘Castle’ and went, “Oh, we may have found our actor.”

Shaw brings with her some snazzy tech toys. How went your introduction to “smart board” acting”?
I’ve always liked watching John King do that on CNN, so I was very excited! I was like, “This is my chance to do it!”

But he’s actually doing it. You’re just dragging your finger across a sheet of blank glass, until they drop the visual effects in.
Yes, I’m faking it. But acting is all faking anyway!

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