‘Lost’ Star Injured During Filming

Michael Emerson of 'Lost' (ABC)

Michael Emerson of 'Lost' (ABC)

It’s no secret that ‘Lost‘ island is a dangerous place–and not just in any Alt-Verse but in real life too.

Our favorite ‘Other’ Michael Emerson, who plays the highly entertaining Benjamin Linus, was injured on-set in Hawaii after a costar missed their mark during a fight scene and clocked him right in the face.

Looks like some of the Ben bashing we’ve been enjoying this season gets even more punchy.

“He has a huge shiner on his right eye!” a source tells E! Online. “Apparently, he has a fight scene and the choreography when slightly awry. One of his costars actually connected with Michael’s face and gave him a huge black eye.”

So, who delivered the sucker-punch? It’s a mystery!

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“Michael joked that the makeup department now has to hide his black eye every day instead of creating one,” their source adds.

One thing’s for sure: Die-hard fans will not want to miss (not that they would) tonight’s mind-blowing episode, which finally, finally, finally sheds some light on ageless wonder Richard Alpert–and a secret about the island. (No, for real!)

Nestor Carbonell Dishes on Richard’s Backstory Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Lost/93942/1443629627/-Richard–On-His-Character-s-Backstory/embed 580 476]
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