Syfy’s ‘Being Human’: Burning Questions Answered

The cast of the BBC's 'Being Human'

The cast of the BBC's 'Being Human'

Amid the thrilling flurry of announcements made at the Syfy upfront event last week, little was revealed about the cabler’s adaptation of ‘Being Human,’ the UK dramedy in which a vampire, werewolf and ghost (played by Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow) cohabitate.

The BBC series recently launched its sophomore season (or series, as they say across the pond) and has already been picked up for a third. So where stands Syfy’s port?

With an eye on a late spring production start and a 2011 premiere, the U.S. ‘Being Human’ currently has two scripts under its belt and outlines for another three, Syfy executive VP of development Mark Stern tells Fancast.

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As far as casting the show, Stern says, “We’re not there yet.” He is, however, quick to shoot down a rumor that Syfy’s take on ‘Being Human’ will change the genders of any of its three main characters.

Rather, the U.S. adaptation will strive to retain much of what has made the original so spooktacular.

“The big challenge of this show is, How do you adapt it without it feeling ripped off?” says Stern. “How much do you take from the British version, and how much do you adapt on your own?”

Championed with finding that perfect balance are showrunners Jeremy Carver (‘Supernatural’) and Anna Fricke (‘Everwood’).

“Anna and Jeremy have done a really great job really finding their own voice while embodying the tone of the original show,” says Stern. As for the concern that an Americanized ‘Being Human’ will sanitize its inspiration’s trademark sensuality and gore, Stern responds, “We definitely plan on emulating the unique and edgy mix of humor, sexiness, and scary thrills that the UK version so perfectly captured.”

One last matter of business concerns the setting for Syfy’s ‘Being Human.’ Stern could not confirm talk that the show’s otherworldly roommates would make camp in Boston (versus, say, foggy San Francisco), though that region of the U.S. seems a likely bet.

“I love the East Coast – especially the Northeast, where you have that whole Salem Witch Trial [vibe],” explains Stern. “There’s a sense of history and the Old World that you just don’t get on the West Coast.”

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