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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Any scoops about ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith, please? She needs something big. – SallyD32 via Twitter
I don’t know if you saw this on Twitter over the weekend, but ‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes acknowledged that new mom Ellen Pompeo‘s storyline load was lightened this season “so she could be with her baby.” That said, I am hearing that over the next couple of episodes Meredith will focus on not so much being a doctor as a healer, as she is called upon to be an especially protective friend for a couple of members of her Seattle Grace clique.

Got anything good on ‘Grey’s’? – Lori
Season finale scoop is always good. Shonda tweeted that this year’s season-ender will serve up “a serious game-changer for every single character.” I proceeded to ask her if that meant Ben was going to turn a frozen donkey wheel, making Seattle Grace disappear. That elicited a tweeted “HA!!!!” from Rhimes, and, well, I have to feel good about that.

Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Iraq flashback going to be another “Everybody Loves Teddy” episode, or will it actually focus on Owen’s experience? – Maya
Worry not, the wartime flashbacks are 100-percent Owen’s, 100-percent his point of view. You will gain a lot more insight into Dr. Hunt and the very bad things he experienced on the front. P.S. Check out Ausiello’s Q&A with Kevin McKidd for more.

Rumor is that The Big Tease will have ‘Lie to Me‘ scoop. OK, that’s a lie. But, I’d be glad to start such a rumor if you can follow through. – Kate
Commence rumor mongering! Shawn Ryan is bringing in the big guns for this season’s 20th episode, which has ‘Dollhouse’s Enver Gjokaj playing an army soldier who, upon returning from a tour in Afghanistan, suspects someone is trying to kill him. Rounding out the high-caliber guest cast are two members of Ryan’s ‘The Unit‘: Michael Irby, playing Enver’s army buddy, and writer Eric Haney, stepping in front of the cameras as an army colonel. ‘Lie to Me’ resumes its second season on June 7.

Please tell me that the gorgeous Emmanuelle Vaugier will be back on ‘Human Target.’ I really like the chemistry between Barnes and Chance. – Craig
Vaugier was booked for just two episodes, so she’s all done. (Bringing the pretty to ‘HT’ this week is ‘Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park, followed by ‘Day Break’s Moon Bloodgood on the 31st.) But I offer this to Vaugier’s fans: She is set to reprise her role of Charlie’s ex, Mia, on CBS’ ‘Two and a Half Men‘ later this season. (Hmm, Mia’s back, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe‘s Isabella is returning… Anyone sensing a theme here?)

Any truth to the rumor that Gary Sinise is leaving ‘CSI: NY‘ after this season? – Christine
Let’s file this wild card query under “No.”

How many episodes is Claire Forlani coming back to ‘CSI: NY’ for? – fatherdowling via Twitter
Let’s file this query under “Intriguing.” Although I too have heard that Forlani is due back as Peyton Driscoll, no one is officially confirming the encore. Not the show, not the actress’ rep. No one. So, shhhhh!

Did I hear that this week’s ‘Lost‘ runs long? – Frieda
Yes, this week’s Richard-centric episode has a running time of one hour and six minutes, so tweak your DVR accordingly. Why does it run long? Unreliable sources tell me it’s because Kara DioGuardi gets added tonight as a new candidate.

Did you like the ‘Bones‘ episode No. 99? – Dra_Escapula via Twitter
It’s not quite as stellar as the 100th/flashback episode, but it has some nice moments, bookended as it is by sad sniffles and happy sniffles. Also, the infamous “Page 187” from Temp’s new novel has surprising implications for not just her and Booth, but also another Jeffersonian twosome.

Could you give us some info on ‘Cougar Town‘s Jules? – MegAbby via Twitter
I went noodling for scoop, and here’s what I caught: Not long before the Season 1 finale, Jules and Grayson will explore the possibility of, yes, a Friends With Benefits set-up. As series boss Bill Lawrence told TV Guide Magazine, “A lot of people assumed we were going to drag out this ‘Will they, won’t they?’ thing forever, but I’ll probably bring it to some initial head this year.” And with surprising results. “I’m not a big cliffhanger guy,” Lawrence explains, “but I am a big believer in doing things that people don’t expect.”

Will the Final Five ever appear on ‘Caprica‘? I mean, shouldn’t they? – Qbert85
This question came up at last week’s screening of ‘Caprica’s cliffhanger-filled midseason finale, and ‘Battlestar’ boss man Ronald D. Moore explained that the iconic quintet are “very, very far away, traveling on a faster-than-lightspeed spacecraft to Caprica.” What that means is that any Cylons we meet on Syfy’s ‘Caprica’ will be born of Daniel Graystone’s tech, and go to war with the colonists some 10 years down the road. “It is in the middle of that conflict,” Moore says, that the Final Five would arrive on the scene.

Any news about ‘Castle‘? – j_stille via Twitter
How about that explosive ending to this week’s episode?! (My theory: Beckett had just enough time to run back and dive into her iron bathtub, which deflected the lethal impact of the bomb.) Anyways… I asked Dana Delany if in Part 2, Agent Shaw and Castle, having been duped by a decoy, will need to scrape together all-new clues to nab the actual killer. She teased: “There is a clue from Part 1 that still points to the real guy.”

I heard a rumor that NBC has canceled ‘Trauma.’ Do you know anything? – guatwad via Twitter
A network rep assures me that as of right now, the plan is to continue airing the remaining episodes on Monday nights. ‘Trauma’s chances for renewal, however, are slim.

Rumor has it there are a couple of episodes of ‘Better Off Ted‘ in the can. Any chance ABC will take pity on us fans and air them? – Becca
‘Tis reality, not rumor – exactly two episodes of the unappreciated and undersampled comedy have yet to air. Alas, at this moment there are no plans for them to be awarded their 60 minutes of fame.

Do you think ‘Glee‘ will suffer the same fate as ‘Heroes’ – too much overhype too soon, then weaker following seasons? – HarperAveryYang via Twitter
Luckily, that trade magazine-circulated rumor of a ‘Glee’ Broadway show was snuffed by a Fox rep “mystified” by the fib’s origins. So as long as they stop short of stocking stores with a ‘Glee’-flavored Cheerios breakfast cereal, overexposure shouldn’t be a concern. ‘Glee’ needs as much publicity as it can get prior to its April 13 return. I just fear that if I can see the cast sing on ‘Oprah’ and in news coverage of the White House Easter egg roll and as part a concert tour… the performances on the actual series lose their novelty.

I’m sad to see Natalie Morales leave ‘White Collar,’ yet happy that she’ll turn up on ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Do you know anything about her character? – Marianna
Previously on the Big Tease… I told you that Tom would be getting a girlfriend. Well, Natalie is she! “Tom throws April a 21st birthday party, and used the event as an excuse to stock the [Snakehole Lounge] with every available girl he knows,” series boss Michael Schur told me. No, Natalie’s not playing one of said girls; she’s a sympathetic-yet-somewhat wary Snakehole waitress who helps Tom lick his wounds the next day.

What can you tell us about the season opener of ‘Warehouse 13‘? – Sarah
In a word… or four… Joanne Kelly (aka one of the nicest actresses) told me that Season 2 will be “bigger, badder, more fun.” Adds Eddie McClintock (one of the nicest actors), “The writers have really found the show. There’s a lot of heart to it, and that’s what were focusing on.” Among the excitement ahead, the pair promises a new supervillain, an encore from Roger Rees‘ original baddie, something that might require Myka get a facelift (?!), and the reveal that Pete is an ex-Marine. “My charity is Veterans of Foreign Wars,” McClintock explains, “so I wanted to get in a little ‘thank you’ to all the men and women of the armed forces.”

Eddie McClintock is an artist, so I’m wondering if we’ll ever see any of his original work on ‘Warehouse 13.’ Not necessarily as an artifact, but just in a scene. – Candy
I ran your idea by Eddie, and he said, “I would love that!” Hailing her scene partner’s work as “brilliant,” Joanne said with a wink, “I’ll get it on the show; leave it to me.” Hey, if anyone has the wiles to make it happen, it’s Ms. Kelly.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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