‘Fringe’ Returns With Big Reveals, ‘Strangulating’ Tension

Joshua Jackson and John Noble (Fox)

Joshua Jackson and John Noble (Fox)

No foolin’ – the April 1 return of Fox’s ‘Fringe‘ serves up the sordid saga of how Peter (played by Joshua Jackson) came to “visit” us from the alternative universe, and in doing so tees up a rollicking run toward the season finale.

We’ll steer clear of dropping big spoilers here, but it’s been well-reported that the next episode revolves around Walter (John Noble) detailing Peter’s supernatural origins for Olivia (Anna Torv).

Sitting down for a secretive tête-à-tête with the lady fed, Walter explains how in 1985, he discovered a way to eavesdrop on an alternate universe where counterparts for everyone lived similar-ish lives.

It is Walter’s regard for that particular piece of fringe science that – to make a long, wiiiiild story short – ultimately finds the “other” Peter setting foot in this world.

The why behind that Peter staying on “this” side came as “a wonderful surprise” to Noble.

“That was a major reveal… and it adds a whole new light to the relationship between Peter, Olivia and Walter going forward.”

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And when will Peter himself get briefed on the surreal reality of his existence?

Over the course of the eight episodes that are about to unspool uninterrupted, “There will be a build to Peter finding out,” Noble tells Fancast, “and that  dictates what will happen in the last few episodes.”

Noble says the “tension is enormous… strangulating” until Peter finds out the truth. Once the lad does, “We tumble into the extraordinary last two or three episodes [and] the great confrontation we’ve been promising for two years.

“All the things people have been asking for, we’re delivering,” he adds.

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Noble also revealed during a Friday conference call that in ‘Fringe’s third season, which Fox greenlit earlier this month, “There will be substantial time spent in the other universe – and when we get to the finale, you’ll see why we have to do that.”

Alert to Los Angeles-area ‘Fringe’ fans: You can catch a screening of the April 1st episode, “Peter,” this Friday night at the Golden Apple Comic Book Store on Melrose. Showtime is 6 pm PST.

Watch “Jacksonville,” the episode in which Olivia realizes Peter is… special:

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