Hasselbeck Calls Palin’s Crosshairs Ad ‘Despicable’

Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of 'The View' (ABC)

Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of 'The View' (ABC)

Hearing the phrase “purely despicable” when used in reference to Sarah Palin on ‘The View‘ isn’t that shocking, unless of course those words come from the mouth of conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and that’s exactly what happened this week on the ABC talk show.

Co-host Joy Behar was speaking out against Palin’s use of a digital map on Facebook that had gun sights pinpointing district’s represented by Democrats that are in favor of the recently passed health care bill. “That thing looks like an al Qaeda Christmas card,” Behar said.

“Strangely, I agree with you,” said staunch Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck. That is strange.

“The way some Republicans are handling this is nothing more than purely despicable,” Hasselbeck said. “The names that are next to and being highlighted by those crosshairs — I think it’s an abuse of the Second Amendment.”

While some of Hasselbeck’s comments sounded like a backhanded compliment to her outspoken co-host, with a shake of hands, Behar congratulated Hasselbeck for speaking out against the gun-sight tactic.

“Republicans are not speaking out against this and you may be the first one to do it, and I salute you, my girl,” Behar said.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “It’s disappointing to see this come from the Party”

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