South Park Kills Off The Kardashians

Kardashians on South Park (Comedy Central)

Kardashians on South Park (Comedy Central)

“Oh my God, they killed the Kardashians!”

The Kardashian sisters just received their highest ‘honor’ to date: getting murdered on ‘South Park.’

On this week’s new episode, Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny were assigned to read what they were told was a controversial book — ‘Catcher in the Rye.’ After being disappointed with the lack of anything remotely offensive, the boys set out to write their own book to shock the world titled, ‘The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerBalls.’

To cover their tracks so that they’re spared any controversy, they claim the book’s sole author is their dim-witted classmate, Butters. They tell him he wrote the book while sleepwalking. Yet their plan backfires. The book becomes a smash hit, read by tween and adults alike, and ends up being so vile, that anyone who reads it vomits in disgust. There’s even a bit featuring ‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer losing his lunch in a wastebasket. Butters, attempting to piggy back off his success and seemingly driven mad from it, writes a second book called, ‘The Poop That Took A Pee.’

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The sequel drives a crazed fan to kill the Kardashians, as well as doting parents Kris and Bruce Jenner. Rob| Kendall and Kylie, however, are spared from the savage cartoon death.

The Kardashians weren’t the only celebs targeted in the episode. The boys also tried to get Sarah Jessica Parker killed too| but she’s spared any harm and just ends up abandoned in the woods by Cartman and Kenny.

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Luckily for creators Trey Stone and Matt Parker, the Kardashians have a good sense of humor. Khloe, who learned about her animated fate on Twitter, responded to the episode on her official site saying, “Kim, Kourt, Bruce, my mom and I had our heads blown off just as we were about to go underwear shopping on an episode of Keeping Up hahahaha. I died when I saw it!!!”

Kim also had an upbeat reaction. “I managed to survive the longest” said Kim of her cartoon counterpart. “Thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone…we’re honored!”

However, Kourtney was a little more upset by it saying, “It’s an honor to be spoofed on the show but why was I the first one to die!?!?!”

It’s nice to know the sisters don’t take themselves too seriously.

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