Deep Soap: ‘One Life To Live’ Fans Protest The Departure of Kish

One Life To Live (ABC)

One Life To Live (ABC)

The Kish Party

A group of fans of ‘One Life To Live’s Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Oliver (Scott Evans)  protested the couple’s impending departure at the Friday, March 26 taping of ‘Good Morning America,’ joining the daily throng of people who gather outside in the hope of making it on camera.   Unfortunately, most of their efforts were unseen by the television audience.  According to an attendee’s report on Michael Fairman’s website,  the GMA camera crew did its best to keep the Kish signs off the air.   A similar thing happened when ‘Guiding Light’ fans showed up outside ‘The Early Show’ to protest the show’s cancellation.  That is, unfortunately, the nature of television.  I am sure a group of disgruntled fans of ABC’s canceled sit-com ‘Hank’ would also have been ignored — if such people actually existed.

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However, the Kish army is not giving up.  The next phase of their campaign involves sending Swedish fish — in honor of Oliver Fish — to ABC.  According to organizer Jenna Michelle, the candy drop was inspired by the ‘Jericho’ fans who sent 10,000 pounds of peanuts to CBS and persuaded the network to give the show a second season.  As much as I want Kish back, I am skeptical that ABC will reconsider this one.  OLTL really seems determined to end every single one of last winter’s storylines, even the ones that had nothing whatsoever to do with gay people.  But I applaud the effort.  It would be nice if the show at least acknowledged fans by using some of the gummy treats as props in a scene.

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One Paternity To Rewrite

There is nothing more frustrating then when a story I’ve been eagerly anticipating turns out to be both incredibly unsatisfying and hastily rewritten.  For years, ‘One Life To Live’ has teased viewers about the identity of Rex’s (John Paul Lavoisier) father. When it was finally revealed to be the show’s ubervillain Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born), I got out my metaphorical popcorn and sat down to enjoy what should have been a classic evil father seeks his long lost son’s love storyline in the vein of ‘Guiding Light’s Roger and Hart or ‘Another World’s Carl and Ryan.  Instead, Rex and Mitch barely had any scenes together.  What should have been a complex emotional storyline was swallowed whole by the Who The Hell Is Going To Raise Baby Sierra Rose saga.  Mitch has been relegated to the role of attempted baby kidnapper.

What was a squandered opportunity became a frustrating, history altering retcon when it was strongly implied that Schuyler (Scott Clifton) was Roxie’s (Ilen Kristen’s) and Mitch’s son.  So this means that there was yet another Mitch and Alison sponsored baby switch or kidnapping.   Given it has been established that Mitch’s stem cells were a match for Shane’s, there are three possibilities. Schuyler and Rex are full brothers, somehow, in a repeat of the Jessica-Natalie storyline.  Schuyler was taken from Roxie at birth and adopted by Dr. Joplin.   Or, Rex and Schuyler were switched for unknown reasons, without Roxie’s knowledge.  Both Roxie and Dr. Joplin had babies with Mitch.  Roxie finds whatever happened with Mitch so painful and traumatic that she has been unable to talk about it — and she talks about everything.  She seems shocked by Alison’s revelations, so she was obviously unaware of whatever transpired.  I suppose it is possible that Rex is not Mitch’s son, but Mitch’s stem cells were just a miraculous match for Shane’s.  Maybe he really is a prophet.

I do not understand the point of this plot development.  The audience has known all along that neither Rex nor Schuyler is Sierra Rose’s father.   Savvy fans now know that the character of Schuyler will soon be written off, so the natural long term story that would come from enemies Rex and Schuyler being siblings or Schuyler gaining a mother while Rex loses one will not happen.  It seems strange to anchor a newer character to the canvas by giving him a family just before writing him off.   While I love the character of Natalie, I am still upset that Jessica was stripped of her blood ties to the Buchanans. I do not know why OLTL would go down this path again, especially since Roxie makes the increasingly unsympathetic Rex more likable.   It also begs the question: if Roxie is not Rex’s mother, who is?  There is no pay off to making him the son of the dead Dr. Joplin.    I cannot think of anybody else on the canvas is both the right age and a plausible former victim or willing sexual consort of Mitch’s.  I suppose Rex’s wonderful surrogate father relationship with Bo could become an father-son relationship thanks to a long ago ex, but that still would not explain why Mitch’s stem cells were a match for Shane.   The only way I will forgive this retcon is if, as Rex imagined during his “Who Wants To Be Shane Morasco’s Father?” game show fantasy, he turns out to be Snoop Dogg’s son.

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