Morena Baccarin Talks ‘V’s Return and Giving Us the ‘Full Lizard’

'V's Morena Baccarin (ABC)

'V's Morena Baccarin (ABC)

This Tuesday at 10/9c, ABC’s ‘V‘ resumes its invasion, picking up on a multitude of fall cliffhangers. What is Anna’s grand plan? Will newsman Chad make a deal with the reptilian devil? Is a mother of a showdown coming our way? And will viewers ever get to see “the full lizard”? ‘V’ star Morena Baccarin shared a look at the out-of-this-world drama to come.

For starters, I really enjoyed Anna’s show-specific promos that have been running during this long hiatus.
Thank you. It’s a little weird because I’m, like, “Anna” in a studio somewhere in L.A., but it’s a fun way to reach out to the audience. It’s wonderful how they blur the lines between reality and the show.

‘V’ changed showrunners during the break (Scott Peters is out, Scott Rosenbaum is in). Will viewers perceive any difference?
I don’t think it’s hugely different; I think it’s bigger and better. We just took a little time to catch our breath and do the best work we can do. We’re staying very true to the show and what it was.

Anna has singled out Tyler (played by Logan Huffman). Is that because he is Erica’s son, or might she have some other interest in him?
Tyler is instrumental in a plan the Vs have. To that end, Anna needs to use Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) to get Tyler on the ship – and so far, that’s working.

Will we find out whether Chad (Scott Wolf) opted to get treated by the Vs for his aneurysm?
That is addressed, yes. It’s a big moral dilemma for him, and you have to wonder if Anna is going to have the upper hand if he decides yes.

We also have to wonder if the Vs fudged his lab results in order to leverage him into such a decision.
Yes, exactly.

Let’s say that things escalate between Chad and Anna to a point where he wants to, you know, have “relations” with her. Could they?
[Laughs] I think they could! And I think the relationship is heading in that direction. You don’t now how romantic or traditional it’s going to be, but it’s a very interesting dynamic. They’re both very attracted to the idea of this power struggle, this game of cat and mouse.

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I hear that a moment is coming that will rival the original ‘V’ series’ guinea pig-eating scene.
There are many moments that are going to rival that. It’s not done the way it was done before, but it’s definitely a shout-out to it.

In the last episode, Anna ordered her goons to “skin” a traitor. So I’m thinking, “Cool, we’re going to see one of these aliens get filleted.” And yet we didn’t. Will we ever witness a “skinning”?
I think so. We show quite a bit in these eight episodes – not necessarily of me, but some other characters. And while I don’t think you see a full lizard, you do see some alien stuff in almost every episode.

What was your direction for when Anna delivered the “bliss”? It would seem like a difficult scene for an actress to pull off.
It was just about understanding that that’s Anna’s deep connection to her people. It’s the way she controls them and keeps them interested and knowing that they’re being taken care of. The message is “I’m here for you, and you’ll never be alone.” She says all the things you want to hear.

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How important to the Visitors’ overall agenda is R6, the mysterious drug being passed off to humans as flu shots?
It’s very important. Very important. It sort of orchestrates how they’re going to deal with the humans, and what they’re going to do with them.

EW teased a face-off between Anna and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), the two moms. Will it be fisticuffs, does Anna have ‘Matrix’-style moves, is some ‘Star Trek’-like space staff used…?
We haven’t read that scene, so I’m not sure if it’s going to be a physical battle or one of those “pleasant” conversations where the underlying message is, “I’m going to kill you.” Whatever the case, it will be very interesting to see how they deal with each other!

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