MTV’s ’16 And Pregnant’ Star Says “Use Birth Control”

'16 and Pregnant' (Photo: MTV)

'16 and Pregnant' (Photo: MTV)

There’s drama at the baby shower in Tuesday night’s episode of MTV’s mega hit ‘16 and Pregnant,’ and only has the exclusive video diary of Nicole Fokos.

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Nicole lives with her mother in a small town near Orlando, Florida. She lost her father in a tragic accident, and got pregnant by her 15-year-old boyfriend Tyler, who is estranged from his mother.

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“The most difficult part of being a mom at such a young age is probably the financial problems we’re going through still,” Nicole says in her video diary.

She goes on to say “Even though Tyler has to go to work and has to go to school. And he makes pay checks, we still have to get money from Tyler’s grandma and my mom to help support the baby.”

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EXCLUSIVE SCENE from ’16 and Pregnant’:

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A very tired looking Nicole reaches out to other teens in our video diary, “I would like other teens to know, if you’re responsible enough to have sex and you’re responsible enough to have a child, that doesn’t mean going and having babies because you think it’s fun and games, because it is not.

You lose lack of sleep. It’s very hard financially and mentally, I would just advice you to not get pregnant at all– to wait until you’re in your twenties, especially if you like to party a lot.”

Watch an Aftershow Interview with Nikkole:

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Tuesday’s episode shows Nicole at her baby shower and a prank phone call is made to her baby daddy. In our video diary she says “I’m pretty nervous to watch my episode because I didn’t really like the drama we had at the baby shower. We all forgot about that and forgave .So now that it’s going to be on TV, and we see it again. It’s probably going to make Tyler and his mom upset at each other. I think Tyler’s pretty nervous too, because it’s the first time that we’ve ever been on TV.”

Nicole appreciates the opportunity MTV gave her, “I’m really glad we get to show you guys our experience. Make sure you guys use birth

’16 and Pregnant’ airs on MTV at 10 p.m. EST Tuesday.


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