‘DWTS’ Kate Gosselin: “I’m Going to Throw Up”

Kate Gosselin Will Dance Another Day (Photo: ABC)

Kate Gosselin Will Dance Another Day (Photo: ABC)

Kate Gosselin should never play poker. The look of nervousness on her face at Monday night’s performance show of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and Tuesday night’s elimination show, was oh so apparent.

“I thought I was going to throw up,” Gosselin told reporters backstage about waiting to hear her fate on last night’s show. “I turned to Tony [Dovolani] and I was like, ‘Really, I’m going to throw up.’ It’s terrifying.”

But vomit she did not. Instead, she was grateful for not going home on a night when all odds were against her.

“I feel really bad because I don’t want to see anybody go,” says Gosselin. “It’s difficult to see that it could have been any one of the three of us. You just don’t have any way of knowing because of the way the judges’ scores work and the way the fans’ votes work. And I just appreciate every single vote that was cast in our direction that keeps us there. We are well aware of the fact that that’s why we’re here.”

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There’s one thing Gosselin would like to clear the air about, though.

It’s about the comment on Monday’s show where she said, “I wanted to show them that I was having fun, so yeah, I messed up the steps. Big deal. I’m not upset with myself.” Many took that to mean that she doesn’t really care if she disrespected the dance by doing it poorly. But Gosselin set the record straight.

“I didn’t mean, ‘So what?’ in the form that, ‘Oh I’m flippant and I don’t care,'” she explained. “I meant, so what because the part of that I was trying to get at was, what my theme last night? It was the steps or the smile. I had to show that I was having fun and if that cost me a few steps, so what? And, in this case, I felt like I had fun. I actually saw people that were in the audience, which is huge, because last week I was on planet Mars by myself. So I was able to be more in the moment, therefore, I missed a few steps.”

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Next week is “story week” on ‘DWTS,’ and Tony Dovolani told us that he and his partner started coming up with their story a few weeks ago, to which Gosselin squealed with delight. “And, she did just that, but louder,” he joked of her excitement.

“There is a story in there.” She adds, “It’s about every day life of the last year of my life. We haven’t put it together yet, but we’re really excited.” The two will be dancing the Pasa Doble.

Gosselin admits that even though she was saved this week, she is still nervous for next week. “I am nervous about being up against everyone,” she says. “He can teach me to dance and I can do it great in rehearsal … it’s just bringing it to the dance floor on the night of the show. And, honestly, that’s why I need to continue because if I left now it would be like a project unfinished and I never leave anything and don’t finish it.”

Kate Freezes on the Dance Floor:

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