Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’ Recasts The Role of Morgan

‘General Hospital’s Morgan Recast

Sonny Corinthos’ children keep getting new faces.  One week after ‘General Hospital’s shocking replacement of Drew Garrett (Michael) with Chad Duell comes word from ABC that Sonny’s youngest son Morgan, currently played by Aaron Revfem, will be played by Aaron Sanders starting April 14.  This time, there is no mystery as to the reason why.  The talented Revfen was cast in a primetime pilot creating a scheduling conflict.  There is no word as to whether Revfen will return to the role if the pilot is not picked up.  Revfen, who was not under a longterm contract, was free to pursue other work.   Let’s hope that GH casting director Mark Teschner has managed to find another equally talented child actor.  Seeing Sonny and Carly with two new children at once is going to be strange.  Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) better not be going anywhere.  The show might be wise to sign young Haley Pullos (Molly) to a contract before another show snaps her up.

The Circle of Lies

So close, yet so far.  ‘General Hospital’s Johnny (Brandon Barash) goading Sonny (Maurice Benard) into a courtroom tirade about how Claudia deserved to be murdered by simply calling him out on his propensity for calling women whores would have been brilliant. While us viewers know that Claudia was no victim, most of what Johnny said was true: “He was so glad when she finally got pregnant. She thought that it would turn the marriage around, that he’d finally start being nice to her, but he didn’t. The abuse only got worse from there. He was always calling her names, swore the baby wasn’t his, accused her of having an affair with his brother. She couldn’t win. If she shut him out, then he’d get mad at her, and if she was nice to him, then he’d sleep with her and turn around and call her a whore.”

Yes, Sonny did all those things.  Of course, Claudia really was cheating on him, but if Sonny’s defense pressed that point it would just make him look more guilty.  Unfortunately, since the show is determined to paint Sonny as the wronged party, Johnny had to go a step too far and commit perjury by claiming Sonny used to beat Claudia.   That made Sonny’s anger somewhat justifiable, although saying, “Your sister was a conniving little witch who got exactly what she deserved!” in open court should have gotten him a separate sentence for criminal stupidity.

But Sonny went back into full self-pity mode when he blamed Johnny for making Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth), who had decided that watching her father’s murder trial would be the perfect distraction from getting beaten herself, cry.  Does Sonny truly believe that Johnny made him have an outburst?  If that’s the case, then he really is no different from his abusive stepfather. Can this man ever take responsibility for his own actions?  It was awesome when Kristina later told Sonny that she did not believe him.  Really, she should not.  He is certainly guilty of emotional abuse and has battered numerous pieces of glassware who were utterly incapable of defending themselves.

However, I mistakenly thought that one of the reasons Kristina broke down in the courtroom is that hearing Johnny testify about Claudia’s miscarriage reminded her that she caused it when she accidentally ran Claudia’s car off the road.  I thought her conversation with Sonny might go to a place where she would talk about how she let her mother take the fall for something she did and now Sonny is taking the blame for Michael.  It could have been the catalyst for her deciding to clear Ethan’s name and name Kiefer as her abuser.  She could have realized that her willingness to put Ethan (Nathan Parsons) through hell because he rejected her was something Sonny would do. That would have been a real way to actually break the GH cycle.

Not So Sweet Love

‘All My Children’s Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and David (Vincent Irizarry) are warming my cold, dead heart by resolutely insisting that their hearts are cold and dead.  David, back in the jail cell that’s probably named after him by this point, was surprised that Greenlee dropped off a suit for him to wear at his arraignment, which really is the perfect romantic gesture for this duo.  The couple that keeps each other out of jail together, stays together.   David was convinced that Greenlee’s earlier proclamation of love was a lie solely to annoy Ryan. Greenlee assured him it wasn’t: “Love doesn’t have to be all flowers and pounding hearts. It doesn’t have to be drama and pain. Maybe love is two people who need each other, who understand each other, who want nothing more than to be with each other at the end of the day.”

That may be one of the best soap descriptions of actual, real life love that has ever been penned. Their lack of sentimentality is refreshing and honest.  These two actually like each other.  Of course, because AMC is being written like a real soap opera again, David went into angsty emo mode and admitted he felt the same way in the soapiest way possible. “My kind of love, it crushes people that I don’t intend to hurt… you have to promise me never to say you love me again unless you mean it. If that day ever comes, I give you my promise that I will fight to be the man who deserves your love till the day I die.” That is far more romantic than any Ryan and Greenlee scene I can recall.  They have tension, internal conflict, and a way with words.  All Ryan’s got going for him right now are great abs.  Whatever storyline the writers may have originally intended, AMC has got to realize that David and Greenlee are a potential longterm supercouple.

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