Happy April Fools’ Day, Now Get ‘Punk’d’

Ashton Kutcher in Punk'd (MTV)

Ashton Kutcher in Punk'd (MTV)

Back in 2003 when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were still ‘Newlyweds,’ and Jessica Biel had yet to become Justin Timberlake’s on-again, off-again (on-again), Ashton Kutcher made examples of them to the world in ‘Punk’d.’

The greatest achievement of the MTV prank show was that it succeeded in demonstrating the concept often illustrated within the pages of US Weekly – that celebrities are actually Just Like Us,  or at least they are when they’re put in hilariously taxing and unrealistic situations which force them to blow a gasket.

In honor of the longstanding tradition of April Fool’s hijinks, we dug up the Biel/Lachey/Simpson episode for your viewing pleasure.

Watch as Biel is harassed by a rude young fan, and Lachey heats up when wife Simpson’s phony trailer trash family arrives with empty pockets and outstretched hands.

The most entertaining exchange by far occurs between Lachey and then-series regular Dax Shepard:

Nick: I’m not gonna pay for a grill that you just knocked over yourself.
Dax: We both married into this family, Rick.
Nick: The name is Nick.

Those familiar with the original on-air episode will recall a cacophony of censored bleeps. In the version below, bleeps are replaced with real life expletives, so innocent ears beware.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Punk-d/6507/1045497280/Punk-d–106/embed 580 476]
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